01 February 2011

Laksa House ~ Malaysian - QVB, City [CLOSED]

We thought Laksa House in the QVB was all drab stirfries and suits. Silly us. Laksa House does some great Malaysian street food classics, it's fast and it's cheap.

Hit of the day was the nasi lemak, or 'nasi lema' as it was labelled. $5.90. It comes in banana leaf and traditional Malay cling wrap.

This nasi lemak is delicious: rice is flavoursome and the coconut is not overdone. Inside is half a googie egg, anchovies and peanuts. I love my nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, the flavours meld together better. A new favourite.

Hainan Chicken Rice - $8.50. Good chook, flavoursome rice - good value. I've had so many chicken rices lately I'm starting to forget what I'm looking for in this dish, looks like we're going to have to head overseas to refresh our palates...

We went late on a Sunday and a lot of the pre-made Malay dishes were finished up, while the buffet was still going. They had quite a few other treasures to try.

Laksa House is down in the basement at Queen Victoria Building
Level LG2, Shop 17, George Street.

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  1. I love this place & had the nasi lemak for lunch yesterday. I adore their Kapitan Chicken & the Sambal Eggplant will knock your socks off

  2. i've been to this place before and probably had the most disappointing chicken rice and har mee in the city http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2009/10/laksa-house-har-mee-and-chicken-rice.html but i'm determined to try their laksa, since they are called laksa house. the best thing about the place seemed to be there condiments though :-)

  3. Well I didn't really like the food here either since the management changed few years ago. I found their taste are not authentic. However, the previous management has moved to The Galleries Victoria (across the road) and is called 'Jimmy's Recipe'. Personally, they have much better Malaysian food :)) Jimmy's Recipe has a second shop at the street level of World Square.

  4. It's been ages since I've eaten here. The nasi lemak looks rather promising!

  5. I've never eaten here but passed it numerous times. Doesn't look like much chicken with the hainan rice, or had you eaten some already? :-)

  6. that nasi lemak looks so good and looks like it would travel well.

  7. There are a lot of delicious Malaysian recipes to try there.

  8. As soon as I hit Sydney, this is where I head. The BEST LAKSA!

  9. Walked past it yesterday and it seems like it has been closed for a while. It's a shame. They've been around for ages!

  10. Confirmed by QVB management Laksa House is not remodeling, they are closed. What a shame.


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