13 February 2011

The Good Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Cafe \ Chinese - Hurstville

We find the world's finest hangover cure in The Good Kitchen, a Hong Kong coffee shop style Chinese restaurant in Hurstville.

Hunting down treasure for our travel bookshop, excuse the plug, brings us to Hurstville on Saturday morning. We stumble upon a couple of Hong Kong cafe joints on Forrest Road. We love Hong Kong cafes for the  cheery, busy vibe and eclectic mix of Chinese and Western dishes. The Good Kitchen takes us back to Hong Kong for just a little while.

My hangover chooses to eat at The Good Kitchen because it offers Salty Beef and Egg Sandwich, $3.80. It comes out on super fresh thick Tip Top style white bread with the crusts cut off, now that's luxury.

The innards are like a single egg omelette flecked with shards of beef, which tastes like corned beef. It tastes far better than it should. My hangover agrees.

Iced Hong Kong Style Coffee - $3.20. It's authentic, which is good and bad, because Hong Kong coffee is  bland and weak. I really should order milk tea instead. I never learn.

Pork with Preserved Egg and Salted Egg with Congee. $7.50. The congee (rice porridge) is very popular here, it is flavoursome and the servings are generous. We are so pleased to find good congee outside of Chinatown.

Deep Fried Fritter (salty) - $2.50. This oily fried bread dunked in congee makes for the world's finest hangover cure, the perfect combination of fluid, oil and easily digestible carbs. Congee is also great late at night for hangover minimisation, it's a versatile food.

Fried Radish Pastry - $3.50 for 3. These are like radish hash browns, which in theory should be good hangover food, but the flavours of boiled veggie and some kind of fish or shrimp paste do not make friends with my tender stomach. Alison likes it more than me.

I take a random punt on Baked Pork Chop with Rice, $8.80. Fried pork chop pieces and veggies in a creamy tomato sauce on top of rice.

It's comfort food with a homely, sweet tomato flavour. It's not gourmet but it is filling and fun. Nanna food.

The Good Kitchen Menu - Click to Enlarge

The Good Kitchen Menu - Click to Enlarge

The Good Kitchen Menu - Click to Enlarge

The Good Kitchen Menu - Click to Enlarge

The Good Kitchen is at 171 Forest Road Hurstville. Ph 02 9579 1688.

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  1. Love your description of lo bak go as radish hash browns! Perfect!

  2. This place is great for a cheap eat. Their breakfasts are really good and their yum cha dishes are generally excellent. Have never tried dinner here though.

  3. What a diverse and cheap menu. I will def have to try out this place.

    I wonder what the deep fried salt and pepper soft shell crap would be like though....

  4. I love the food here, it's so good. Whenever I'm in Hurstville, this is my restaurant of choice. However interesting story about the Soft Shell "Crap", it's a typo on the menu, but it is absolutely delicious.


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