20 February 2011

Hijazi's Falafel ~ Lebanese - Arncliffe

Lebanese for breakfast and dinner at Hijazi's Falafel in Arncliffe. If only we'd had time for lunch too.

We're a bit obsessed with Arncliffe at the moment. The Lebanese food is so good and it's such a pleasant suburb to visit. This time we hit Hijazi's Felafel on Wollongong Road for breakfast. We're so impressed we return for dinner a few hours later.

Hummus with meat - $10. This is the sucker I came for. The fresh tartness of the hummus cuts the mildly spiced meat perfectly. Scoop it up with the fresh Lebanese bread provided, try and resist the urge to lick the plate. I've never been a bacon'n'eggs kind of guy, give me Lebanese for breakfast anyday.

Spicy sish with eggs - $10. Spicy meat with fried/scrambled eggs. It is perfectly cooked, only a hint of grease is on the plate when we are done. A hint of chili in the meat, and wonderful scooped up with the bread and a few leaves of mint.

Complimentary side salad, a mix of fresh and pickled vegetables. Alison is a big fan of the pink turnips, there wasn't a single piece left.

Fresh Lebanese bread served in a basket. Use this to scoop up your breakfast or to act as an impromptu plate.

Super sweet rosewater drink and Ayran drinking yoghurt, $2 each, cheap.

We're back later for dinner. Sitting outside Hijazi's Felafel on summer night is bliss. It's on a fairly quiet, tree lined street with a warm sense of community, so very relaxing. Half of Arncliffe were in the park up the street, the other half wandered past to yell out a hello to the shopowners.

Mixed plate -about $12. Three skewers, one of chicken, beef and kofta type of minced meat number with griiled vegetables and the salad below. The grilled mushrooms and hot peppers were smoky and delightful.

Side plate for the mix grill includes hummous and baba ganoush with a drizzle of olive oil, fresh tabbouli and a simple green salad of grape tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

This 'Lebanese Cocktail' is incredible: it is packed with fruit including apple, paw paw, banana, kiwi and watermelon, has a schlozzle of yoghurt, and topped with more yoghurt, walnuts and pine nuts. It is sweetened with a strong, woody flavoured honey, it reminded me of Tasmanian leatherwood honey, I noticed jars of Mudgee Honey on the counter.

It is worth the trip here to try this drink alone... There's a whole counter dedicated to making drinks, we'll be back for more.

Felafels - about $6. These were incredible, a light delicate crispy crunchy coating, light and fluffy on the inside. These are the best felafels we've ever had and we're up for the challenge to defend that claim! The garlic dip added a great tangy zip.

Hajizi's Felafel is at 53 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe. Phone 02 9599 0726. Open 7.30am to 8.30pm. Closed Mondays.

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  1. Twice in a day? I don't think I've ever done that anywhere! LOL

    Must say it looks really good. I can't wait to try the spicy shish with eggs.

  2. Great Post! Made me crave for Lebanese food.

    Have you ever try falafel in El Manara or Jasmin in Lakemba?
    They have a crunchy falafel and moist and not too brown(a bit burn)like Hijazi's one.
    I've try Hijazi's twice,the falafel good but bit burn for my liking.

    I like them both Jasmin & El Manara falafel,
    but I prefer Jasmin Punchbowl than Lakemba.
    It suits my taste more.

    And if you like garlic sauce(toum?)
    Both Jasmin and El Manara have a good one too.

  3. Thanks for the tips anonymous - we will definitely be giving El Manara and Jasmin a try :-)

    Yes twice in one day is a record for us two - we really would have come back for lunch if we could - the kebab rolls are only $5!

  4. If the place wasn't closed on Mondays I think we would have gone back tonight.

    We're really expanding our adventures into lebanese food. Thanks for the falafel tips, we are up for a comparison challenge.

  5. Ooo - looks good. The hummous with meat looks droolworthy, and those drinks...I never knew the Lebanese had such colour drinks on offer...me wants.

    Where is Arncliffe anyway?

  6. Shawn & Alison,

    I can't wait for your falafel comparison challenge ;)

    For me, Lakemba is food paradise.
    I can find many different kind food in there.Mainly Lebanese food but you can find Thai,Indonesian,Cocos island/malay,Bangladesh,Indian and Chinese restaurant along Haldon street
    All the food are very reasonable price.

    There's Indonesian grocery close to station.
    On the weekend they sell Indonesian cake&snacks and yellow rice set wrapped in banana leaf.all sell under $5.

    If you like tempe, you can get the frozen one
    and cook it at home.It cost less than $3 for 250gr.

    If you like teh tarik, go to Dream Island/Island Dream cafe.
    They have brain marie malay/cocos Island food as well as murtabak,roti and nasi lemak.

    Don't forget to try falafel from Jasmin & El Manara :)

  7. I love Hijazi's. Its almost exactly halfway between my house and my parents and I usually stop and grab a kebab for lunch on the way there. $5 for a chicken one and $3 for a felafel roll for the gf. You may have tempted me to branch out now in my choices!

    And I can also recommend Jasmin. Their mixed plate is fantastic.


  8. We went to Hizazi after seeing this blog and the 'lebanese cocktail' won me over. We shared one between 4 of us as our bellies were full of felafel and other delicious foods. Try Al Aseel in Lakemba. Great felafel (I love felafel). They also have a terrific creamy 'lemon chicken'. I think it is their own recipe.

  9. For the best ever Lebanese fruit cocktail you have to go to Seasweet. They have branches in Parramatta and Bankstown. They serve the traditional Kashta with their cocktails but I always get it substituted with some vanilla gelato. Absolutely droolworthy!

    1. We'll give Seasweet a try, we've been in the mood for one of late, thanks for the tip!


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