22 February 2011

Canton Noodle House ~ Chinese - Burwood

A Tuesday night quickie at Canton Noodle House in Burwood.

Canton Noodle House is a buzzy no frills Cantonese joint on Burwood Road. It is packed on a humdrum Tuesday night, we counted only two spare tables out of thirty, while the rest of Burwood is near empty. We've obviously stumbled upon a long-running local institution. It's cheap, the service is friendly, and the menu has loads of choices beyond your standard suburban Cantonese joint. Joy.

Steamed Cockles - $10 for 4. With ginger and shallots, fresh and rustic.

BBQ Pork Dry Noodle - $10. BBQ pork is always good. The egg noodles are a nice alternative to rice.

Steamed Egg with Seafood Topping - $14.80. A random punt from the Chef's Specials. There's prawns, mushrooms, scallops, fish and greens in a comforting plain sauce of thickened chicken stock.

Underneath is a layer steamed egg, like a savoury custard set into the bottom of the glass bowl, the texture is divine. It's a plain dish that was just to our liking after the artery clogging fried soft bone chicken at ATL Maranatha the night before.

Menu - Canton Noodle House Burwood - Click to Enlarge...

Menu - Canton Noodle House Burwood - Click to Enlarge...

Canton Noodle House is at 45 Burwood Road, Burwood, opposite Burwood Westfield Shopping Centre. Open 7 days 10.30am - 9.45 pm.

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  1. The last dish goes so well with rice!

  2. Love Canton Noodle House. Always good for a quick feed pre- or -post movie!

  3. I love the deep fried tofu balls here.

  4. Hey Dumpling Girl - those deep fried tofu balls looked popular, more than one table had them, we wanted to order them but weren't in the mood for fried stuff - next time!

  5. It's a testament to the restaurant if it's packed on a weekday. The local Asian community must really be packing the place in! But to its credit, I have stayed in Burwood a while, there really isn't very many other places with the same quality as this restaurant has.


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