16 February 2011

Beijing Station ~ Burwood - Chinese

Beijing Station has become a favourite for a quick lunch in Burwood.

Shawn often finds himself in Burwood at lunchtime doing work stuff. Burwood is a fine place to be hungry. Beijing Station has been his pick of late. The food is that little bit different and it's a pleasant place to take a break. With the wicker chairs and chequered floor it feels more like a cafe than a Chinese hole-in-the-wall.

The menu is brief and very interesting. It's a little pricey on first glance, around $3-$4 more than other joints, which seems a lot at lunchtime, but it's worth it for the surrounds and excellent food.

Braised Pork on rice (or noodles) - $12.80. The pork tastes like it has been marinated forever and is very rich, a nice change to your regular bbq pork and rice, highly recommended.

Wontons in Spicy Sauce $8.80 - steamed dumplings wading in a pool of vinegar, soy, garlic, ginger, chili and seseme oil. Topped with roasted chilis and shallots. This has a nice chili kick to it, delicious.

Cold noodles with Sesame Paste Chinese Style - $9.80. Cold, toothsome wheat noodles dressed in seseme paste and topped with shredded chicken, cucumber and shallots. A lovely stodge filler on a hot day.

Beijing Station Burwood Menu - Click to Enlarge...

Beijing Station Burwood Menu - Click to Enlarge...

Beijing Station is at 135 Burwood Road, Burwood. Ph 9715 6555. Open 11am - 8.30pm, closed Tuesdays.

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  1. Braised pork looks lovely, but it is pretty expensive for Burwood. Lucky it tastes good.

  2. those are Canberra prices, not Sydney prices! Although in Canberra it probably wouldn't taste as good!


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