07 February 2011

Dumpling King ~ Chinese - Newtown

Dumpling King is a little gem in Newtown with a menu that's half 'Strayan' style Chinese and half northern style Chinese. Everybody's happy.

Cucumber salad with vinegar garlic sauce - $9.80. Cucumber salad dish is perfect with stodgey northern style Chinese dishes. The Dumpling King version of this dish has a mild chili hit, very happy.

Steamed northern style dumplings - 12 for $9.80.

Shredded pork in Beijing sauce with hand-made pancakes - $15.60. A mound of stir fried pork with shallots and four light, fluffy pancakes. How come in Chinese restaurants they never give you enough pancakes?

Serving suggestion....

Stir fried hand-made noodles with lamb - $9.80. The handmade noodles here are excellent, we've been back a few times for them.

Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant is at 194 King Street Newtown. Ph 9557 2188.

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  1. lol we always run out of pancakes. Usually if you ask, they will give you some more.

  2. Request more pancakes! LOL.

    What are the 'strayan dishes? :-)

  3. Haha totally agree with the pancakes! Seems to happen every time especially with Peking duck, shame they usually charge for extra wrapping

  4. I heart Dumpling King. You need to fill your pancakes to maximum stuffing capacity - you won't run out that way (trust me, I know)!

  5. Mmmmm, Ask for more? Why didn't I think of that? doh!

    Strayan is bogan for Australian :-)

  6. This place is packed just about every night of the week. Love the noodles and dumplings

  7. I have never been to this place, but it looks great! The shredded pork looks awesome.


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