14 February 2011

Valentine's Romance at the Hare Krishna Food van, Newtown

A Street Food Valentines's dinner in Newtown at the Hare Krishna van.

Alison and I have a tradition of finding the most un-Valentine's restaurant we can on that evil day. Here there's romance by the bucket, for a small donation.

The food tastes better than it looks, in fact it's delicious, really delicious. It's a kitchery: rice and veggies cooked to mush,  Pakistani comfort food. On the side is semolina and pineapple chunks, delicious on it's own or mixed in with the kitchery. Yum.

The wheels of romance roll in a couple of times a week at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on King Street. Alison will have to put out after this...

For more Valentine's romance do the mouse clickety thing here.


  1. Hahaha love this idea, you guys are brilliant!

  2. You guys crack me up. Surely with all the stodge in your bellies all you guys did when you got home was lay on the couch will full tummies.

  3. Actually, we went to the Courthouse Hotel and tried their Justice Ale - sweet but satisfying. Then we lounged around....

  4. Can anyone go or is this for the homeless? .. seems a bit slack and uncool if it's for the homeless. Just want to check, that's all ... don't want to get dirty looks.

  5. It's for everyone, make sure you put some cash in the donation bucket.

  6. It's bloody yummo !!!
    I had two servings (full trays) today and could have gone for a third.


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