28 February 2011

Home ~ Thai - City

We're off to Thailand for an eating frenzy in a couple of weeks, what better place to warm up than Home in Sussex Street, City?

We've been to Home once before albeit accidently, we were trying to go to the adjacent Shalom Indonesian but walked in the wrong door. Doh! One look at the open kitchen and the goodies on display made us want to come back.

Home is another of the great 'new wave' of Thai restaurants with a menu far more exciting than your average suburban Thai joint. It's popular too. Even on a Monday night there's a queue but we are seated within five minutes.

Pad Pik Khing - ผัดพริกขิง  - Stir fried uber crispy pork belly with chili, lime leaf, green bean and pik khing sauce - $13.90. This could give you a coronary, but what a way to go eh?

Hor Mok -  ห่อหมก -   $5.90 -  Fish fillet with red curry, coconut milk, hot basil, steamed in banana leaf. The fish had a mousse like consistency, and the drizzle of coconut milk on top added a lucious lick of flavour.

Kanom Jeeb -  ขนมจีบ - $4.90 for five pieces -  Steamed pork, prawn, water chestnut wrapped in wonton pastry served with black vinegar. A little like Thai yum cha.

Thai milk tea - $3.50. I love Thai iced milk tea, so strong and so refreshing. There's a sweetness to it and a woody\dusky flavour.

Hoi Jor -  หอยจ๊อ - $7.90 - Deep fried pork, crab meat, waterchest nut wrapped with bean curd served with plum sauce. The bean curd wrapper is like a crispy won ton skin.

Larb Ped Udon ลาบเป็ดอุดร - $12.90. Minced duck with shallot, coriander, mint, long leaf coriander, chili powder, grind rice and chef’s dressing. A nice duck salad with lovely crunchy skin.

The dessert menu is amazing but alas we had no room in our tums. We'll be back! We spied plates of sticky rice with fresh mango, and there's crispy fritters with custard that have our name on them.

Home is at 299 Sussex Street Sydney. Phone 02 9261 5058. info@homethai.com.au. http://www.homethai.com.au/.

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  1. How exciting a trip to Thailand! How I love that place. I haven't heard of this House place in Sydney, is it new?

  2. I think it has been around for a little while. It's a bit hidden as it is a little bit away from the rest of Chinatown. The lunch specials look even better than the dinner if you can make it.


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