11 February 2011

New Taste ~ Chinese - Eating World - Chinatown [CLOSED]

New Taste in Chinatown's Eating World Food Court has Buddha's Favourite Soup - any higher recommendation needed? [SADLY NEW TASTE CLOSED - AUGUST 2011]

One of the problems with food courts is repeatedly going to the places you love and going by places that are real hidden pearls. New Taste tucked away in the corner of Eating World is one of them.

They have a special line in herbal soups, most are around $3.50 to $5, at lunch time there are deals for a lunch with a soup for $9.80. They are presented in a pretty blue bamboo pattern pot with a lid to keep them hot.

The soup at the top is Rock Sugar Stewed with Chinese Anglica, Red Dates and Egg, $3.50, a sweet soup with a pronounced herbal taste. Pear Stewed Pork Soup $3.50 has small pieces of pork, tiny fruits and hunks of soft pear, and has a more savoury taste and hints of sweetness.

The egg is infused with the sweet soup, and the little red dates were delicious. I popped the lid back on this one to keep it hot and saved it for the end of the meal.

Buddhas Favourite Soup, $58, is a larger serving with all the most expensive wonderful ingredients like abalone and scallop. You need to order in advance. Ditto for the 'Rock Sugar Stewed with Ginseng and Frog Fat' which we had hoped to try but requires a day's notice.

Quail with Rice $8.80. A rice hot pot (your reward at the end is scraping the crunchy morsels of rice from the bottom and sides) with small pieces of small birds in a smokey soy sauce.

The tiniest little drumstick in the world. I think only frogs legs could be smaller, or yummier.


Fish hot pot with pickled radish. The fish was a firm white fillet with loads of vegetables and a good black bean and soy based sauce. The pieces of roasted garlic in the dish were little treasures. Comes with a serve of rice.

This little place serves Guangzhou or Cantonese style food with real flavour.

First Tast Restaurant is at Shop 211, Eating World Food Court, 25-29 Dixon Street Haymarket\Chinatown. Also has branches Springvale, Footscray, and Box Hill in Melbourne. www.firsttaste.com.au.

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  1. I always go back to the same old place in food courts too! ;-) Lucky there is you to break from the norm and try out the rest!

    The quail and rice looks great! And dirt cheap!

  2. Oh my gosh I can never go past Gumshara or Kimama Kitchen when I go to Eating World, but perhaps I should start being more adventurous!

  3. As a former Sydney-sider living in Holland for the year I just want to say thanks - I've been enjoying eating vicariously through this blog! (Oh, the hunger pangs, oh the cravings for cheap Asian food).

  4. Anonymous - we'll happily trade places with your in Holland


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