16 February 2011

Arncliffe Bakery ~ Lebanese Pizza - Arncliffe

Lebanese pizza from Arncliffe Bakery turns a Sunday walk from shabby to shiny.

A post on Hijzas's Felafel on Grab York Fork piqued our interest in Arncliffe, in particular Wollongong Road, a quiet, leafy suburban 2km thoroughfare, dotted with a handful of great looking Lebanese joints from one end to the other.

Arncliffe Bakery is our pick today, it just looks right. We notice the sign has an old seven digit phone number, it is of fine vintage.

Inside is more like a wholesale bakery. There's no menu in any language we can see. We're not sure what to do. Then we see a list of pizzas on the wall, just what we were after. The two lovely Lebanese mamas running the place are all smiles and whip us up three great Lebanese pizzas in no time. The bill comes to less than $15, including a pint of yoghurt.

We tried to get the boss ladies talking about the bakery, but they were closing up after a long day, opening at 7am for breakfast. This post on the brilliant 52 Suburbs blog does a much better job of describing the joy of Arncliffe, including the Lebanese bakeries, note a different bakery is featured.

Ayran - Lebanese drinking yoghurt, salty, bitter sweet, no added sugar. I've grown to love it over the years, it was love at first sip for Alison, who is less of a sweet-tooth.

Oregano - $2.50. The classic zataar flavour, cooked just right, very happy. It came wrapped in butcher's paper, perfect for carrying across the road to munch in Arncliffe Park.

Meat (Lahmbagine - like the fast car?) - $4.50. This was pick of the day, topped with an amazing meat mix, kind of like a Lebanese savoury mince.

Cheese - $4.50. This baby was nice but too cheesey for our tastes, a little like Ben Elton. A smattering of the zatar on top cut the uber cheesiness a bit.

Arncliffe Bakery / Abou Ali Lebanese Pizza is at 98 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe. Phone (02) 9597 1515.

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  1. what a bargain place to grab some tasty fresh pizzas :-)

  2. Sounds and looks delicious!
    Were the pizzas big?

  3. There's smallish pizzas, three was a bit two much for us.

  4. I Love lebanese bakeries and their cheap tasty pizzas!

  5. The pizzas certainly look different; and how cheap are they!

  6. Oooo - you're making me hungry! Pizza's look pretty good, but I agree that the cheese ones are just too Ben Elton.

  7. You can't beat The Valley in Dulwich Hill for the cheesey ones :-)


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