16 May 2011

Tim's BBQ Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Hornsby

BBQ and Buddhism aren't two things that normally go hand in hand, but in Hornsby we dabble in both.

Walking along after a morning of book buying, we stumble on Vesak Day, one of the holiest days in the Buddhist calendar celebrated at the end of a mall in Hornsby. In a time when Buddhism is the second biggest religion in Australia, this celebration was organised by the Venerable Ban Ruo Shi, the Buddhist chaplain in the NSW Police, and shows just how diverse Sydney's suburbs have become. Monks, pollies, mayors and simple little warm red bean pancakes set the mood.

We last ventured to Hornsby over two years ago, and stopped at the same place. It looked different - the owner tells us he renovated last April, and the warm wood and orange interior is indeed an improvement. He's been going here since 1996 and knows how to please his customers.

We started out craving BBQ duck but a quick twist of the arm by the owner gets the order changed to BBQ pork and soy (black) chicken. Thin slices of sweet pork with moist tender chook and a serve of chopped ginger and shallot. $13.00

Roast duck congee with complimentary fritters, $9.00. There was plenty of chunks of duck to find in this generous serve and the slivers of fresh ginger lifted the broth.

We weren't inspired to go vegetarian, but we were very thankful to the ducks, pigs and chickens who fed us.

Tim's BBQ Kitchen is at 6 Florence Street, Hornsby. Ph 9482 7321.

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  1. The last time I came here was like...two years ago too! ;) The congee bowl is so cute!

  2. the shallots and ginger... look generous.. I LIKE..

    duck congee.. omg ive bnever tried that.. must try. i was ion hornsby on sunday tooo lol..

  3. Please do some more Hornsby restaurant reviews!

  4. This may sound a bit outdated, but thank you for visiting our restaurant and sharing your review!

    We look forward to your next visit!

    Thank you!


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