06 May 2011

Let's Eat ~ Thai - Marrickville

We feel the Thai urge calling and check out a newer Thai player in the Marrickville Vietnamese enclave.

Sometimes the world of food blogging gets a little strange. We are sitting in a restaurant and we spy fellow blogger Billy from A Table For Two not at a nearby table chowing down but on Masterchef. What else could we do but take a photo? Go Billy!

Let's Eat at Marrickville is a relatively new place surrounded by older Vietnamese pho joints. This end of Illawarra Rd has slowly developed, and there's still a few more spots to try. With chef's from the original Spice I Am, this place looks promising.

Rice Topped with Mince Pork Omelette - $10.90. This seemed to be the most popular dish at the restaurant - we spied at least three other serves coming out of the kitchen. The omelette is plain enough, with flecks of pork mince in it, and the shotglass side serve of chilli sauce adds tang if you want it.

Head to the specialties at the back of the menu for selections beyond red/green curry. Neu Pad Cha - stewed beef stir fried with homemade paste and Thai eggplant - $15.90. Soft, pull apart hunks of beef with those wonderful popping pea eggplants and thai apple eggplants cooked so the skin still has a bit of crunch. The paste is a chilli wonder, with a heat that hits hard at first but then smooths out so you are not left gulping litres of water.

Gang Juend Woonsen Moo Sub - clear soup with pork mince and glass noodle - $7.90. It's always great to have some soup to slurp with a Thai meal, and this one makes a change from the usual selections. A salty, porky broth with slippery noodles.

It's not that often the dessert craving hits so hard, and we take advantage of the opportunity. Sticky Rice with Thai Custard - $3.50. The rice is sweetly flavoured and green, probably from pandan.

Sago in Coconut Milk - $3.50. This looks like some sort of strange pond life, but the sago contrasts beautifully with the salty coconut milk.

Let's Eat Thai Restaurant is at 352 Illawara Road, Marrickville. Phone 02 9558 9508.

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  1. Let's Eat always seems strangely noisy - I think it's the concrete walls and floor. always sounds like there are twice as many people as there actually are.
    I have had their crispy pork belly which was delicious. The best part is the drinks, they have one called 'Lime Refresh' or something and it's like a sober Mojito with crushed ice. yum!

  2. The pork belly here is so good, especially the crunchy bits.
    And I love the great value desserts - even the pond life!

  3. The Masuman duck special - OMG - to die for..... a billion calories but worth every single one


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