17 May 2011

Gozde Cafe ~ Turkish - Auburn

A festival of meat at Gozde Cafe in Auburn.

We're addicted to Auburn on sunny Sunday afternoons. The vibe is upbeat with folks from all over the world enjoying lunch and a stroll, a guy on the street selling fresh almonds from Mildura by the sack and tables of tea sipping old guys. Today we're up for a protein hit with some Turkish grill, we take a punt on Gozde, one of the many excellent takeaway slash cafe slash restaurants along Auburn Street.

We didn't catch the name of this dish but it's a beauty - lightly spiced Turkish meatballs with slow cooked potato, carrot and eggplant. Served with rice and bread. Homely and delicious. Bottle of Turkish pomegranate juice in the background, nice and sweet.

Mixed plate with three kebabs - tender beef, chicken and Adana (mince), insanely good. $19. The grilled green chilli added a taste kick and the chopped tomato in a little oil dressing and onions sprinkled with sumac on the side help cut the meat fest.

Bread lightly grilled in the juices from the kebab. Oh mumma.

Turkish tea, clean and refreshing, we like to add about half a sugar just to bring out the flavour.

Turkish sweeties, $2.50 each. Compulsory eating accessory to the tea. The round one was a chocolate coconut mix, while the rear was a celebration of pastry and syrup with a burnt sugar topping.

Gozde Cafe is at 22A Auburn Rd, Auburn. Phone (02) 9649 3036. We have to give a shout-out to the boss and staff who were so welcoming and take such pride in their cuisine. Three thumbs up from this Tasmanian.

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  1. I really love this place! We wandered in last time and tried some of the "home style" food in the bain maries as well as the traditional mixed plate grill. The waiter was really friendly and we got some free tea and they even rounded down the bill for us. Champs.


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