02 May 2011

Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Is the 'Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine' stall in Dixon House food court really perfect? Or merely the best in the universe? [CLOSED - FEBRUARY 2012]

We stumble upon the best cafe in the universe today, but simply the best isn't good enough for us, we demand perfection.

And we find perfection at the Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine stall in the Dixon House Food Court.

Spicy rice noodle soup - $6.60. Minced pork and picked veggies with spagetti-ish noodles in a medium spicy broth tasting strongly of roasted chilis. There's enough carbs and chili oil to power a small farming village for a day. Yum.

Fried lamb with cumin seed rice - $7. A simple, shiny, cumin flavoured stir fry.

Spicy fried beans with pork - $7.80. A delicious Szechuan style twist on the Chinese classic that is pork'n'beans.

The pickled veggies give a the dish a tang and roasted chilis give it a kick. Very happy.

Is it perfect? Well it's delicious and we spend only $21 for three dishes and walk away stuffed. Sounds perfect to us, or the best in the universe at the very least. We come back a couple of nights later for more...

Pickled veggies and fish fillet in sand hotpot with rice - $9.80. The chef tells us this is his most popular dish, and we can see why, it's sensational. A light, tangy, peppery broth with hunks of fish, pickled veggies, glass noodles and rice on the side. The Sichuan peppercorns you can see floating in the broth taste amazing and do a little fruit tingle dance on the tongue.

Fried pork with egg, cucumber, fungus and rice- $7.50. A simple stir fry that is more than the sum of it's parts, the egg brings it all together and the dried black mushies soak up the flavours. Very tasty.

We eat all over town (including upmarket joints that we don't blog) but most of our 'wow' foodie moments happen when we dig through the menus in the  in the Chinatown food courts. We are constantly amazed by the quality (and quantity) of food you get for your dollar.

You'll find 'Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine' in the Dixon House Food Court, corner of Dixon and Little Hay Streets in Chinatown.

Today's post was brought to by the hangover caused by the surreal brainwave overload caused by seeing Toy Death at the Sando.

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  1. Wow you guys seem to have a great selection of cheap Chinese eateries. Very lucky!


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