30 May 2011

Fine Modern Australian Cuisine at Henson On The Park

Folks are always asking us to do more on Australian food, well is there anything more Strayan than KB Lager and a pie at the footy?

If you thought KB Lager disappeared along with Monaros, Stubbies and Winnie Reds in t-shirt sleeves, then think again. Mate. KB Lager lives strong and proud at Henson Park, home of the mighty Newtown Jets Rugby League Club. Grab a meat pie and all your food groups are covered. A fine Australian lunch.

A Jets home game is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, even if you don't like footy. You can have a steak sanger, park your car on the edge of the ground, the kiddies can kick the ball around on the field at half time, and then chase the bloke who does a victory lap on his bike every time the Jets score. www.newtownjets.com.

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  1. Hilarious - We really must have crossed paths many time. I may have been at that game.


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