10 May 2011

Hung Cheung ~ Chinese - Marrickville

More yum than just yum cha, and more meat than just seafood, Hung Cheung is an instant old favourite local Chinese.

Down at the lonely end of Marrickville Rd is a classic 70's style Chinese restaurant good enough to bring Mum and Dad or the kiddies to. During the day it's a frenzy of yum cha service but at night it's mixed groups of friends, family and first dates that fill the tables and a regular cha cha line of takeaway customers.

There's no formica tables and help yourself cutlery here, the white tablecloths and soft chairs make it a little more fancy. There is plenty of room for all, you can squeeze in the pram and have a spin on the lazy susans.

There is friendly service and a little welcome bowl of nuts to start your appetite racing while you look through the extensive menu. You can order fresh seafood from the tanks and there are lots of sizzling, salt and pepper, and sweet and sour options.

We choose to go with a few meat dishes - strange considering this place specialises in seafood. Shawn gets a hankering for sizling beef with plum sauce. It must be all the seventies decor that sends his tastebuds backwards in time. The beef turns out to be soft and not too sweet, and the onions are cooked just right.

Alison decides on the pork hot pot with pickled vegetables. This really is steaming hot when it comes out, we have to wait a minute or two before we can tuck in. Hot pots are a little obsession at the moment, especially as the weather has gotten warmer.

The pork in the hot pot was super soft, and the skin on top had a small amount of crunch. We had these two dishes and some rice and drinks for around $40, it's not cheap but it is cheerful.

Hung Cheung Chinese Seafood Restaurant is at 338 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. Ph 02 9560 4681.

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  1. I love pork when it's cooked like that. Always noticed this place when we're going for a pho fixed, but I'd definitely like to give it a try next time.

  2. damn thats some nice looking pork belly

  3. We checked this out for yum cha on Friday, not up to the standard of the city places, in terms of quality and variety. Primarily due to the amount of punters I'd say, might be better on the WE? Service is a 'bit out to lunch' also.


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