25 May 2011

Tra Mi ~ Northern Vietnamese - Marrickville

A quick but devine lunch of Banh Da Cua - crab soup - at Tra Mi Northern Vietnamese - Marrickville.

Shawn survives a stampede of pensioners at the Marricvkille Library book sale and celebrates with Vietnamese for lunch. The Vietnamese coffee here is  a cracker - super strong, excellent.

#54 Banh Da Cua - $10. It's a huge serve and it's sensational. A thin, almost Chinese style broth, with delicious, lightly spiced crab cakes, fish cakes, veggies, and those devine little pork-mince-roll- wrapped-in-green-stuff-thingies.

The noodles in this dish are wonderful: flat, thick and brown in colour, taste a little wholemeal. The boss dude explains these are noodles only found in the the north of Vietnam. On the menu they are called red vermicelli.

Shawn returns another day for the prawn version - banh da tom - $10. A similar soup but with tasty little school prawns and pork. Simple and refreshing, the crab version is the more interesting of the two.

We've been loitering the Vietnamese joints of Marrickville for years yet we still stumble upon amazing dishes we've never tried. Love it.

Tra Mi Northern Vietnamese is at 275 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. Phone 9560 2032.

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  1. Brilliant find! I'm familiar with Vietnamese cuisine but not so much with the northern regional foods and I've heard whisperings of Marrickville being a little hub of said food. Definitely will check this place out; it's always exciting to discover lesser known dishes. Do you know whether Cha Ca Thang Long (fish with dill and vermicelli noodles) or Bun Cha Hanoi is on the menu? Those are the other two Northern specialties I'm currently seeking out. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi all, I feel so hungry tonight after gym . Walking back home , I pass this restaurant, I went in and ordering salt and pepper squid, sizzling beef. The food is so good. Love this place. Gonna come back here again

  3. last month got booked for my 21st birthday here.. arrange for 60 ppls.. the food was awnsome...they gave us free 60 hellium ballons, fruit salads, prawn cracker and jelly...all my friends were so happy with the service here

  4. it been so long that i havent back here .. i been oversea for work. and today, just landed at the airport. i came here straight away and have my noodle soup.. its took me back to vietnam

  5. I'm glad to hear Jenny advocating this place in Marrickville - I've really been looking for a good Vietnamese food fix in Sydney and I just happen to be around the corner from this place!


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