11 May 2011

Wah Fung BBQ Restaurant ~ Chinese - Redfern

A quick duck feast at Wah Fung BBQ, a little local legend in Redfern.


Wah Fung is your basic ducks-in -the-window BBQ joint in Redfern. It looks like it has been there forever, it's wonderfully shabby and very popular. There's lots of Chinese folks eating here which is always a good sign.

Roast duck on rice, about $10. Shawn's favourite meal, excluding fresh seafood.

It's not fancy, not even schmancy, but it's a bloody good local if you happen to be in this neck of the woods.


Soya chicken noodle soup - about $10.50. A bowl of your regular classic Chinese broth with egg noodles and veggies, with a nice quarter of chook on the side. The chook was pretty good, would have been better if they didn't microwave it. We wonder if they assume white trash like us don't like cold chicken, or maybe it was because it was Sunday, perhaps an off-bbq day. Once the chook cooled down it was wonderful again.

Beef brisket noodle soup - about $10. Hunks of slow cooked beef in a a standard Chinese broth with egg noodles. Perfect for a hangover.

As we eat a bunch of  Chinese lads at the table next to us are having a feast of non-bbq, stir fry and hot-pot stuff, it looked excellent, particularly the pork ribs. We'll be back...

Oh no! Wah Fung's premises are up for auction. The boss lady tells us they may have to move but they have some options in the immediate area, and they are very keen to keep on bbq-ing, no need to panic.

Wah Fung BBQ is at 64 Regent st Redfern, phone (02) 9698 2898.

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  1. yum. let me know whenever you need a dinner partner :P

  2. My wife and I visited this restaurant last saturday night, although it is by no means fancy this does not detract from the service or food. We started with a shared bowl of briskit and noodle soup, delicious. We then went on to a combination plate of pork and duck, fantastic and this was topped off with chilli plum king prawns. We will be going back.

  3. Can highly recommend the roast duck san choi bow and the 'special' gtreen beans and mince (not on menu but sometimes on the wall - always available)

  4. I live around the corner from this place and am embarrassed to say I still haven't tried it. But this blog post has confirmed I must visit it asap!

    I've only just discovered this blog, btw. Loving it.

  5. I'm back. I finally made a visit to Wah Fung, about 1 month after my previous comment. And I've already been back 3 times! Oh my god, it's so good. The duck, the duck ... so delicious. It's my new favorite place.

  6. Thanks for putting back in my brain, must revisit this joint...


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