15 May 2011

Pondok Satay 888 ~ Indonesian - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Our 'weekend in Indonesia' continues in Yogyakarta via Dixon House Food Court with three visits to Pondok Satay 888. [SADLY CLOSED - MAY 2012]

We spent a few days in Yogyakarta in 2009 (oh why didn't we obsessively take food photos then?) and soaked up the street food along Malioboro Road with gusto. Pondok Satay 888 at the main entrance to Dixon House Food Court specialises in Indo food from Java and this city.

Choices here are either ready made bain marie ones (three choices with rice for $7.50) or from a large wrap around the wall menu.

We first choose the Belado Fish $9.50, a crunchy deep fried fish with tender flesh inside and a generous smother of tomatoes, onions and chilli. The tail was like a cripsy fish chip, delicious. What a bargain whole fish are in food courts.

"What kind of fish is it?" Shawn asks.

"Food court fish" replies Alison.

It seems every food court stall in Chinatown uses this kind of fish, it's cheap with plenty of flesh. It has a muddy taste it works best with strong flavoured sauces.

Chicken serit - fried chicken smothered in a mix of lemon grass, shrimp paste and chilli - $8. Alison is over the moon with this one.

Pempek telur- lightly fried fishcake served with kecap manis and sambal.

Love the googie inside. The fish cakes actually taste of fish rather than manufactured meat product. Yum.

Lamb (gambing) sate. Four sticks of charred lamb with a thick, sweet sate sauce on top.

Kankung belecan - stir fried water spinach with shrimp paste - $8. One of our favourite dishes.

Ketoprak - thin rice and thick hokkein noodles with hunks of rice cake smothered in a sweet peanut sauce - $8. This was very filling and very carby, the servce was big enough to power a small village for a day or two.

Ayam bakar - grilled chicken in a sweet, kecap manis based sauce - $8. It's delicious, perhaps not the best ayam bakar in town but certainly the best value, there's half a chook on the plate. The pickled veggies are the perfect foil for the chook and the sambal is excellent, full of flavour without blowing heads off.

Pondok Satay 888 Menu - Click To Enlarge

Pondok Satay 888 Menu - Click To Enlarge

Pondok Satay 888 Menu - Click To Enlarge

Pondok Satay 888 Menu - Click To Enlarge

There's still another dozen or so dishes we'd love to try here, so much food, only two stomachs...


  1. Yum, the satay looks delicious!

    Amazing the quality and range of food in Sydney!

  2. Anybody know its phone number? I want to order catering.

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  4. Was down there today, and I am happy to report that I saw workers that seemed to be installing cooking equipment in the locations of both Pondok Satay and Asian Style Cusine.

    Wonder what will go in there next?

    1. That's great news - we've been worried about our beloved food courts.


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