08 June 2011

Bagan ~ Burmese - Strathfield

Bagan shows Burmese is a diverse cuisine in a suburb with just as much variety.

We land in Strathfield to eat Burmese but while waiting for Davatronics and Miss Von Trapp we can't resist some of the Korean snacks on sticks sold near the train station - octopus balls on one and chicken, sausage and rice cake on the other.

We've eaten Burmese before at Kambozza in Parramatta, and the selection at Bagan is a lot more varied. A little pan-asian, there are thai curries, malaysian char kweiw tao and Hainanese chicken to choose from the menu. We try and stick close to what we think might be the more Burmese in style, but coming from a country bordering China, India and Thailand, what exactly is Burmese could be hard to tell.

The prices here are so cheap you can really try a few different things and not break the bank. We start off with salad, a pennywort with fresh red onions and a wonderfully mysterious base flavour - $5.50.

Pae Parata - $5.50. Order enough to share generously, you'll be fighting over the last bits of pea puree and crunchy fried garlic.

Fried chicken and lotus root nuggets with a chilli vinegar dipping sauce - $5.50. Burmese chicken nuggets.

Za Zoon Ywet - $5.50 - Stir fried water spinach with shrimp sauce. Wonderfully light.

Fried chili tofu - $5.50. Sticky and sweet.

Nice rice pot!

Pork curry with green mango pickle - $8.50 - unusual flavours that sparked animated discussion guessing the flavours involved. Such good value too, it's about the size of a dish you would get in an Indian restaurant, only half the price.

Seit Ther Si Pyan - Goat curry - $8.50. We enjoyed the strong gamey goat flavour.

Dessert time - wohoo! Ku Fee - $3.50. Shawn secretly loves the delicate notes of condensed milk.

Taro in coconut milk and sago - around $5. We ordered this after watching a bloke at the next table inhale it.

Ice cream - taro, ginger and black sesame. All we great but it was the ginger that set out tastebuds on fire. Around $5.

Chili cholocate ice cream - $3.50. The chili adds a subtle depth and warms the back of the throat, some of us found it hotter than others.

All up dinner was $78 for four, that's less than $20 each for three courses, we were stuffed to the gills. We wonder if Bagan is Burmese for 'bargain'.

Bagan Burmese Restaurant is at Shop 4 / 41 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135. Phone 02 8746 0666.

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  1. Oooh i love Burmese food esply the tea leaves salad! And golden century eggs and deep fried gourds. Mmmmmmm. Also loved Bagan. It's a beautiful place

  2. hmmm looks so good... this is now on my to go list. thanks for sharing!

  3. There's a Burmese place open now in the Pittsway food court, great little food court if you ever get the chance to visit. Even though it's small, there's Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese and Malaysian on offer as well (the Malaysian place has a lot of fans from what i've seen). There's also a nice little Japanese grocery store above it in the Pittsway Arcade.

    1. Mmmm I'll be checking that out. It's really hard for us to get to the city food courts but hopefully we'll be checking them out soon.

  4. thank you for sharing !! i was looking for these kind of page for a long time but now ive got you!! so much helpful :)


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