04 June 2011

Canton Noodle House ~ Chinese - Hurstville

Visit Canton Noodle House in Hurstville for good, cheap noodle soup, great people-watching and amazing creme un-brulee.

Canton Noodle House is a been-there-forever Chinese hole-in-the wall joint, perfect for a quick noodle, stirfry or congee fix. It's not the fanciest feast in town but it's good, cheap, fast and friendly.

Sitting downstairs by the window is one of the best people-watching spots around: there's loads of passers-by plus you get a full show from the open kitchen.

Sun dried mushroom noodle soup - $7.80. The rehydrated mushrooms have a meaty texture and lovely flavour.

Pork and spicy pickle noodle soup - $7.80.

Creme brulee - $4. Shawn is always tempted by those odd things which don't seem to belong on the menu, so he orders creme brulee just to see what arrives, if it arrives. The staff profusely apologise that burner thingy is broken so they can't crunchify the top. It's a blessing in disguise as it amazing - a georgous, cold custard with brown sugar on top. We're tempted to order another...

We also ordered steamed dim sims which Shawn forgot to photograph. Doh!

Canton Noodle House is at Shop 3-4 / 206 Forest Road Hurstville (corner of Rose Street). Phone 9580 0588. Open 7 days 10.30am - 9.45pm.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, is this Canton Noodle House related to the one in Burwood?

  2. I can't be certain but it seems unlikely, the menus are very different :-)

  3. Great place to eat and cheap also. Top menu selection with lots of variety.


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