26 June 2011

Taste 101 ~ Chinese Restaurant - Auburn Review No#2

We go for a repeat round at Taste 101 and it passes the test.

Apologies for repeatedly banging on about how pleasant it is to be in Auburn on a sunny weekend afternoon, it's like a microcosm of the world in one suburb. Actually we make no apologies, it's worth the visit.

We've been exploring the different Turkish flavours in Auburn, but decide we need to head back to Taste 101 to explore more of it's cornucopia of Chinese tasty delights.

We sit and go through the menu for far longer than we would usually. It's hard to decide on a few key dishes for a lunch, and we end up ordering enough for lunch and dinner too. Shawn tries to explain Beefleaves andtough with Spity $9.80 (spelt here according to the menu). It turns out to be slices of a corned beef style meat with tripe with a generous topping of chili and garlic, and plenty of chili oil, soy and Chinese satay sauce.

Bamboo with rice $8.50 - we thought this might have been bamboo shoots, but it turned out to be pieces of braised pork belly in a bamboo pot, with tasty stock infused rice cooked in a bamboo leaf.

Soy googie egg - $1.00

Plate of mixed cold salad - chinese pickles with little soy beans, shredded chicken and bean shoots.

Whitebait run eggs - a giant omelette, hard to find the whitebait in it.

We order two of almost the same thing - a quick decision after a first choice isn't available. From the salad section, Pork and Sesame with Spicy $9.80. Slices of belly pork with a more vinegar base on a bed of bean sprouts. The topping on this almost cold salad is magic, not too spicy as it appears and the dollops of minced garlic are yum.

There are more wonderful dishes here to try - Hot Pot Big Feet, Dried Fried Sheep, Bad Fish Slide, Coriander Stomach Stir Fry, Beer Duck, Smoked Fish Face, or perhaps something from the Inquisitor Series. The choices are endless, no wonder we had trouble deciding. And believe it or not, there's Russian Soup too.

We walk out of here with four takeaway boxes filled with cold salad, rice and omelette - great, dinner is sorted! Now off to Gima to get some giant tubs of yoghurt and other Turkish goodies.

Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant is at Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant is at 124 South Parade, Auburn. Ph 9649 3218.


  1. This is so awesome. WOW. This is my dad's friend's restaurant! I'll make sure that he knows that you guys thought his food was yummy; he'll be really happy to hear that! Thumbs up for the great review!

  2. This place is special - one of the most amazing menus we've seen :-)


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