14 June 2011

Saap Thai ~ Pitt Street, City

Saap Thai on Pitt St lights a chili fire in our belly on a cold June weekend.

Saap Thai is one of the handful of Thai joints in the city that caters primarily to Thai folks. If it's full of Thai folks, it has be good, what further recommendation do you need? It's location on the quieter side of World Square keeps it a little hidden but it's often packed out with students and work lunchers who know it's there.

Tom yum with squid - medium - $8. Not to spicy, not to light, good enough for Goldilocks. Fresh mushrooms bob away on top like little buoys and the squid rings and tentacles dwell at the bottom of the deep spicy ocean.

Som Tom with BBQ Pork Neck - $11.50. Sensational. It's not over the top hot, but the heat does sneak up on you. You can also order a whole plate of BBQ pork neck and a separate som tum if you want to keep the flavours separate (and share more food).

Roast duck with egg noodle - $11.50. Chinese style roast duck, salad and peanuts on top of warm egg noodles.

Mix it all in together so the sweet peanut flavoured sauce coats the noodles. Hoochiemama. This tasted close to an Indonesian bakmi noodle - the sweet soy added quite a different flavour to the usual Thai ones.

There's more to explore on the menu - thai sausages, sour pork salad, and chicken legs were chalked up on the specials board. They do a cheaper lunch menu too.

Saap Thai is at 378 Pitt Street Sydney. Phone (02) 9267 9604.

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  1. I love Thai salads and I love Saap Thai. I'll have to get the som tum with pork next time as change from the crab one. You've got to get the exploded catfish salad from Saap - so glad this dish is finally on menus in Sydney!

  2. Ugh common guys this Asian food is getting boring.

    I'm looking forward to your Ham & Pineapple pizza expose.

    Where can an erudite epicurite find the best Ham & Pineapple pizza in Sydney?

    The best Ham & Pineapple pizza I ever tasted was a frozen "Black & Gold" brand that was cooked in a microwave.

    The secret was that the pizza was left in the plastic bag (this lets the subtle flavours to develop) when it was cooked in the microwave.

    Just the thing for a first date when you are trying to impress someone.

  3. Oh that tom yum looks so... yum! Just the right thing for a blustery Winter's day!!!

  4. I love your description of the tom yum - so cute. I must have walked past a thousand times and never been in but I have to try it now. Thanks.


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