25 June 2011

Daikichi Ramen ~ Japanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Excellent ramen and Mick Jagger lips at the new Daikichi Japanese Ramen in Chinatown, joy. [CLOSED JULY 2012]

A couple of days ago we noticed Daikichi Ramen has opened up a few doors down Emperor's Garden Chinese BBQ. The fitout is fairly smart and contemporary, and the guff on the walls yabbers on about natural ingredients and the wonders of collagen, like we need Mick Jagger lips. Despite the warnings of good health, something seems right about this place, we're back a couple of days later.

We hear mainly Chinese voices serving us up front (it's order and pay at the counter), but we can hear Japanese voices in the kitchen, where it counts. The ramens taste good, they are quite approachable, not super thick or salty as ramen can sometimes be.

The side dishes are excellent value, we go for beef teriyaki - $4.50; aji tomago - soft boiled eggs $2.50; ajitsuke menma - bamboo shoots $2.80; and yasai kakiage - $2.80 - deep fried veggies in a light, tempura style batter.

Tokyo Ramen - Spicy - $10.80 (medium). This has a tropical island of spicy hot minced beef in the middle, it has a nice kick for a cold night.

Daikichi Shouyu Ramen - a porky, soy broth with melt-in-the-gob pork slices and a soft boiled googie. $9.80 (medium).

We enjoyed our feed immensely, we'll be back.

Shop 5, 209 Thomas Street, Haymarket/Chinatown. Phone 02 9211 2450 - daikichiramen.com.au

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  1. Pauline Hanson (One Nation)June 25, 2011 at 11:40 PM

    Hello Shawnie, finally I've tracked you down. I wanted to remind you that your One Nation membership fees are in arrears and if you don't pay up ASAP you will no longer be welcome to One Nation political rallies.

    Tell me sweetie what came first, the chicken or the googie?

    When you visit Ipswich next time I'd like you do a review of my fish'n'chip shop.

    Your's in unity, Pauline


Thanks for your comment joy - please keep your musings happy - if you want to complain about a restaurant please do it on a restaurant review site (or your own blog) - we're all about celebrating cultural diversity and the great eats that come along with it :-)

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