23 June 2011

Bijou China ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court Chinatown [CLOSED]

More stupendous food joy at Dixon House Food Court - this time we try the popular North Chinese lamb kebabs and more at Bijou China. [CLOSED - REPLACED BY THE SIMILAR & MOST EXCELLENT ANNA'S KITCHEN]

Bijou China is the tiny little stand on your left as you walk down the stairs from the main Dixon Street entrance. The menu seems north Chinese inspired with a few standard crowd pleasers for good measure. A big shout out to the boss lady - she is super nice.

The Northern Chinese style lamb skewars are hugely popular here. $2 each, 6 for $10 or 10 for $12. Cooked to medium with a healthy cumin kick. These are probably the pick of the menu.

Stir fried eggplant with garlic - $6, Incredible value. And it's eggplant, of course it tastes good. It's sweet, wet and shiny, goes well with the lamb kebabs.

Pork mince on noodles - $8.50. The pork mince is braised in a dark, soy gravy. The fresh sliced Chinese cabbage perfectly cuts the richness of the sauce and the stodge of the noodles. Yummo.

A fine feast for $24.50, with enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Heaven is a Chinatown food court.

ps - we formally apologize for the lack of Russian Borscht in this post...


  1. What a peculiar comment from Sergei.

  2. Bijou China is one of the few places in Sydney to have Dongbei (Northeastern Chinese) dishes.

    The "Dongbei Fish" dish (it's not on the menu board, it's on the wall next to the counter) is my favourite from Bijou.

  3. We'll be checking out the Dongbei Fish for sure - thanks! This joint also has the smiliest of all food court ladies!


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