12 June 2011

Fajar ~ Indonesian Chinese - Kingsford

A bloody bagus lunch at Fajar Indonesian Chinese in Kingsford.

When travelling overseas we love to try Chinese food wherever we are. Classic Chinese dishes often merge with local cuisines, and vice versa, to create something uniquely delicious. Finding such food in Sydney has become a new obsession for us.

Last week we had a great feed of Chinese Thai in Glebe, this week we try Fajar, a cheap and cheerful student joint in Kingsford, which proudly describes it's cuisine as Chinese Indonesian.

Chinese Nasi Campur - $11.50. The classic Indonesian mix of dishes on rice, done Chinese style, with steamed chicken, bbq pork, and chinese sausage, then Indonesian style mince meat satay, a savoury boiled googie and slices of fish\pork roll. The sauce on top of this was a sweet style, with a more savoury sauce underneath. We scoff this with chortles of joy. A new favourite.

Kuetiaw Sapi Rebus - boiled flat noodle with mushroom and beef with your choice of minced chicken or pork. Hoochiemama this one was good: the boiled noodles were flavoured with something mysteriously meaty and delicious, then topped with mince, mushies and shallots. Another new favourite.

A classic Indonesian favourite - Ayam Goreng Kuning - $6 (one breast or thigh). The chook is marinated in spices then lightly fried till the skin is just a little crispy and the inside stays moist and tender. Delicious.


Sop sapi (daging, babat dan urat) - $10. Soup with slices of beef, Chinese greens, beans sprouts and shallots. The broth has a strong garlic flavour and is given some extra oomf with a little oil which we guess comes from wok frying the veggies.

Kewtiau rebus pangsit - $9.50. Boiled flat rice noodles with wontons, mushroom, choi sum and shallots. Just like the similar dish we had earlier, the noodles have a smoky, meaty flavour. Delicious.

Batagor - $8.00. Deep fried bean curd filled with fish paste and topped with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is at the bottom of the bowl to keep the fried tofu crisp. The boss dude tells us to mix it all around. The peanut sauce isn't super sweet and has chili and shrimp paste notes. Yum.

Nasi Goreng Babi - $9.50. Fried rice pork and fish cake.

The folks that run this place are lovely, and happy to chat about their food when there's a break in the cooking. Aftwards you can duck next door to the 85 Degree Bakery Cafe - the cheesecake bites are so moreish.

Fajar Indonesian Chinese is at 394 Anzac Parade, Kingsford. Phone (02) 9662 0736.

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  1. Again, you should try 'Kwetiauw Bun' in this restaurant. It's their specialty.

  2. Actually their signature dishes are the pork fried rice you mentioned above and the "prawn pu-yung omelette" or "puyunghai udang" in the Indonesian language.


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