22 June 2011

Ton Ton Takeway Regent ~ Japanese - City [CLOSED]

Ton Ton is the little ramen joint that should.

[CLOSED - 2012]

Ton Ton is a little food court kind of joint tucked away in the Regent Place arcade on the corner George and Bathurst Streets, behind the infamous Chef's Gallery. Ton Ton is part of the Azuma group of restaurants.

We've been twice to try the ramen, it's good but lacks that special ramen 'magic', that indescribable quality that sends us into our own private Osaka halfway through the bowl, it seemd a bit half-hearted.

It's the location and easy access (no squeezing into a tiny Japanese student joint) that make Ton Ton a winner. It's a great option for a quick lunch, or a pre-movie/gig feed. It's not perfect but it's a million times better than Maccas.

Karaage - fried chicken - $1.50 per piece, ready-to-go from the bainmarie.

Kagoshi Ninnuku Raman - $12.80 - a light tonkotsu pork broth with roast pork and a hefty dollop of black sesame. The black sesame really makes this an interesting soup.

Shoyu ramen -$9.80 - soy flavoured broth topped with bbq pork.

Ton Ton Ramen - mildly spice tonkotsu pork broth with roast pork - $9.80. I like the slight chili kick in this, the broth lacks that tokotsu magic for us.

The Azuma Japanese Cafe next door is definitely worth a gander, the green tea chiffon cake ($8.90 with coffee\tea) is super light and large enough for two. We've noticed many gangs of sweet-toothed girls in here.

Ton Ton Regent is at Regent Place, 501 George Street, City, a few doors up from the movies.

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  1. Love Ton Ton for its convenience - near cinemas, noodles and rice options - happy days.

  2. btw love u blog.

  3. I love going to eat there if I need to eat somewhere on my own. XDD Plus, they serve beer.

  4. Doh! I forgot to mention the beer - and it is a good solo eating joint too.

  5. I've been eating at Ton Ton since they first opened and I have to say the food was much better in the beginning. The soup for the ramen had a stronger and fuller flavour, and the karaage was always made fresh. It's a bit disappointing but same as everyone else I find it convenient. I tend to stick to the fried rice these days as it hasn't changed. OR of course the yummy chiffon cakes at their cafe next door :)


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