10 June 2011

Broadway Asian Thai Kitchen ~ Thai \ Chinese - Glebe [CLOSED]

Asian Thai Kitchen is a super cheap, super friendly Thai-Chinese hole-in-the-wall on Broadway. We love it.


Asia Thai Kitchen is another one of those "I've been walking by here for ages and never ventured in" places.  It's in a crappy location on a main road, the lighting is dim, and the menu is half Thai and half Chinese, it seemed a bit half arsed. But when we hear the chef and boss lady speak Thai, and we see the Thai condiment set on our table, and an interesting menu, we realise we've stumble upon something a little different.

The decor is student-hole-in-wall basic, but the service is first class. The staff, the boss lady and the chef are super nice.

Stewed pork on rice - $8.50. Similar to Chinese roast pork but with lovely star anise flavours, the rice underneath the pork is to die for.

Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Soup - $8.00. A plain simple broth with noodles and sliced beef, tastes like roast beef. We don't expect this to be as good as Kung Fu Ramen who specialise in this classic Chinese soup, but we are surprised at how good it is. The steam made the soup look a bit beige, it's actually nice and clear.

Su-Kee Soup - $9. A Thai soup with rice vermicelli, pork and veggies, topped with sesame seeds. The broth is pinkish and sweet, unusual at first bite but it grew on us.

Yay pink noodles! The pink comes from fermented tofu added to the broth and dissolved in.

Thai Style Chicken Rice - $9. Steamed chicken on lightly flavoured rice, similar to Hainanese chicken rice. Yum.

Chili and ginger\shallot dips for the chook.

Whole fish - $13. Shallow fried with crispy skin, swimming in a sweet, light chili sauce. The fish has that 'muddy' flavour that needs a strong sauce. Excellent value.


Back again for a quick seafood noodle soup ($9) for lunch. A simple Chinese style soup but with a subtle Thai flavour kick to the broth, reminds us a little of those chicken soups you get on the side of the road in Thailand, only with a handful of seafood. Yummo.

We drop in again the following day for a Thai style chicken rice $9 - the rice has punchy coconut kick to it this time - very happy. It is served with a surprisingly good side-soup. The chicken is steamed and plain and goes will with the spicy gingery chili dip. Very happy.

Tom yum goong (prawn) - about $10. Also a winner. A main-sized serve with a bowl of rice.

Over our visits we've come to love this place more and more. We love the super friendly lady who runs the front of house, and the chef in his white singlet is a dang fine cook. On our most recent visit their were two or three tables of very happy Thais chowing down on stewed pork leg and chicken rice.

Overall  Asian Thai Kitchen is a great little cheapie. most dishes are $7-$9 and it's run by very lovely folks. It's not the kind of joint to make a trip across town for, but if you're in the area and after something cheap, tasty and with some interesting menu choices, give it a go.


Man I love coming back to this place. The super friendly girl and the super tops auntie that run the floor are just so welcoming.

Combination pork soup - $8. I (Shawn) am warned that this soup contains offal but today I'm up for it. There's many parts of the pig in a sweet, dark, porky broth, with flavour soaking glass noodles beneath. You can find tangier versions of this soup but it's still great.


Haven't been here for a few months and the joint seems a bit different, there's no Thai condiments on the tables and there's a different lady running the floor. It doesn't matter because the spicy twice cooked pork with veggies ($10) is insanely good. The pork slices are given a real good go in the wok and are cooked until they're borderline crispy. There's a thick coating of spicy goo and a nice medium chili heat, and it's all countered nicely with some greens.

I (Shawn) was the only one in the shop so the boss lady sat down for a chat which was a really nice touch, folks would do this now and again on our last trip to Malaysia.

Broadway Asian Thai Kitchen is at 216 Broadway Road, Glebe. Open 7 Days 11.30am - 10pm. Phone 02 9571 8867.

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  1. I've been walking past this place for years, too. Will definitely check it out sometime - that stewed pork looks divine!

  2. This place was in Chinatown for many years and was very large and busy. Bit more out of the way and low key these days but worth trying.


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