17 June 2011

Sydney Uyghur Cuisine ~ Chinese - Surry Hills

We can barely wait to let the paint dry before trying this new Uyghur Chinese joint in Surry Hills.

We're excited to see this no-nonsense hole-in-the-wall Uygher joint open up in Surry Hills. It's a tricky location on busy Cleveland Street just opposite the Norfolk Hotel, and we're not sure if the locals will take to the northern style Chinese food and basic decor, but the boss folks are nice and the food is fine, fingers crossed they do well.

Stir fried beef and bread nuggets - $15. This dish was our pick of the night - crunchy fried flat bread and (twice-cooked?) beef with a healthy dose of cumin. Perfectly cooked. Insanely good.

Tasty small dumplings in soup - $10. A mildly spicy soup with flavours of tomato and lamb.

The little tortellini like dumplings are flavoursome and the hunks of lamb give this soup some oomf. Alison was raving about this one.

Stir fried lamb with mushrooms - $15. A simple stir fry with mild flavours, not as exciting as the other dishes.

There's lots of good looking hand made noodles, vegetables and salad dishes to try, as well as a feast of whole lamb you can order in advance to share. This place is right near the Redfern Mosque so it's halal dishes will please. You can watch the faithful gather from a seat at the pub across the road (a not so halal establishment, especially the $12 pork baby back rib special).

Sydney Uyghur Cuisine is at 314 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. Currently open 7 days 11am-11.30pm.

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  1. The food here is GOOD! The spicy lamb soup is delicious and generous. There are a big selection of vegetarian dishes. Don't get put off by the deco, service is really good and this place definitely great value. Do try the egg plants and the their stir fry hand pull noodle. Super great value and highly recommended.


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