28 June 2011

Kung Fu Ramen ~ Chinese - George Street, Haymarket [CLOSED]

If you're into noodle soup, you have to try Kung Fu Ramen, this place is something special. [CLOSED - Now Chinese Noodle Bar - there's another Kung Fu Ramen around the corner at - see post here]

Kung Fu's main drawcard is handmade noodles, made fresh to order.

These are Lan Zhou style noodles, made fresh to order completely by hand, not even a knife is used. This bloke on youtube demonstrates the amazing technique...

Kung Fu Ramen - $10. This the classic Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Soup, famous all over China. These noodles are pulled by hand right in front of your eyes, and put in a light broth, with slices of corned beef and a googie. The broth is so light and magically cleansing, this is Shawn's favourite detox soup.

Special Stewed Beef Ramen ($13.80). The stock in this soup has a stronger flavour, heavier with star anise and fennel and spices. The beef is cubes of pre-cooked beef, slightly shredded. And the noodles are thick like linguine, fresh and insanely good. Highly recommended.

Alison needs a fresh veggie fix and a cucumber salad usually does the trick. $6 for a plate of slightly smashed cucumber and capsicum in a light sesame oil.

Chicken wing on a skewer, sprinkled with chili and a good side instead of a beef skewer. ($4). The lamb skewers are very popular but we try some chook for a change, nice but the lamb is the winner.

Kung Fu Ramen is at 800 George Street, down towards Central on the backpacker side of the street. Get there before it changes it's name again.

There's another branch around the corner on Thomas Street\Ultimo Road (see post here), we think the George Street branch has a much better atmosphere.

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  1. A googie! :)
    Love the vid - craving for fresh noodles now

  2. Love the special stewed Ramen. The noodles are insanely good.

  3. I have to try that one day since I'm like always in Chinatown XD.

  4. This place is no longer "Kung Fu Ramen". It is now called "Chinese Noodle Bar". The girl who served me said the new owner started last Thursday. They still had expensive/professional (made from aluminium & perspex artwork) "Kung Fu Ramen" wall menus that they hadn't torn down. The waitress said that the menu has changed, but It's still predominantly Northern Chinese (quoting waitress).
    I ate the BBQ Lamb Skewers (5 for $10) and a large Beef & Noodle Soup for $8.80
    Give me a week to publish my food blog under the new name "Chinese Noodle Bar", same address (800 George St. Sydney).

    As I wandered down to Market Centre and turned off George St. onto Ultimo I noticed the following:

    Kung Fu Ramen
    73 Ultimo Rd.

    It had all the same "trademark" image logos associated with the 800 George St. address, so I can only assume they moved recently. I can't confirm this because I was on the other side of the road as I passed and it wasn't clear if they were open for business.

  5. Thanks EdF - will update accordingly. Kung Fu ramen had two shops running for a while under the same name, and then there was one...

  6. I was wondering if this blog couldn't be resurrected.

    Kung Fu Ramen might have simply done an address change.

    One visit and you'd soon work out if it's the same deal or if something has changed.

    This ones high on my must visit list.

    It would be a pity to loose the effort that went into the blog.

  7. The Kung Fu Ramen around the corner is the same people, I've put a link to it at the start of the post - thanks again EdF!


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