27 July 2011

Daily Noodle Fast Food ~ Chinese - Haymarket/Chinatown [CLOSED]

Daily Noodle Fastfood is no frills at it's finest. Great noodles. Super cheap.


Daily Noodle Fastfood truly is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. In a space space smaller than your average suburban lounge room there's a few tables, a kitchen, three staff and a dozen punters. Plus the obligatory stack of soft drink cases in the corner. This tiny, squishy joint is popular with Chinese students, the food is simple but very well cooked, the servings are huge and the prices are low. And yes we always say this, but the folks that run this place are super nice.

The noodles are excellent, thick with the right amount of chew. These are made fresh in-house, as evident by the explosion of flour next to the noodle rolling machine behind the counter. Also popular are the Chinese savoury pancakes, particularly the Peking Pie. Unfortunately the pancake machine thingy is busted, so there's no Peking Pie this week, or last week for that matter, but you can drool over them on Grabyourfork.

Noodles with pork and black bean - $6.50 (small). The sauce is quite strong in flavour, it doesn't look like there's enough, but when you mix it in with the handmade noodles it's the perfect amount. The small is a hearty serve, I'd hate to see the large...

Noodle soup with beef (large) - $7.50. A simple and refreshing clear broth with a huge serve of handmade noodles, topped with slices of corned beef.

Noodle soup with braised beef (large) - $7.50. A darker broth with strong notes of star anise, a huge serve of handmade noodles and topped with chunks of slow cooked beef.

Pork skin - from the little fridge of side dishes. It's like a porky terrine with finely chopped garlic.

Fried noodles with chicken and blackbean - about $7 (small). There's a generous layer of diced chicken, potato and carrot under those noodles.

Pork, black fungus, egg and lily flower with rice - about $8.

Soup with pork, tofu, black fungus and vinegar - about $7 (small). A clear, thick broth with a sour, peppery flavour.

Daily Noodle Fast Food is at 8 Quay Street, Chinatown (between Silk Road and Cafe Joy).

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