24 July 2011

El-Zahraa Bakery ~ Lebanese Pizza - Arncliffe

Yes folks, we're crapping on about the amazing Lebanese food of Arncliffe once again. This time we try El-Zahraa Bakery for Lebanese Pizza.

El-Zahraa is the last shop on the top on the hill on Belmore Street, perpendicular to the train station. Perpendicular, that's a big word isn't it boys and girls?

Three pizzas (meat, cheese and oregano/zataar) plus a 600ml Ayran drinking yoghurt for $13 (screw you Pizza Hut!). We were stuffed to the earlobes and took half a pizza home. We learnt a neat trick: slap a slice of cheese and a slice of zataar together to make a cheese and zataar sandwich. You can also ask for lemon to squeeze over the pizzas and an extra sprinkle of chili powder.

The meat pizza is our favourite Lebanese pizza in these parts, topped with a fresh mince beef mixture. Each bakery spices the beef mixture a little differently. According to the wonderful 52 suburbs, some families will bring their own beef mixture for baking.

We grabbed a wee snack from Hourani Halal Meats butcher a couple of doors down, thinly sliced cured meat (basturma) - like Lebanese pastrami. Yum. The edges have a paprika spicy goodness and the beef is lightly cured. About 12 slices set us back $3.50.

Like all the Lebanese bakeries in Arncliffe, it can be a little confusing when you walk in. These joints primarily serve the local community so things like menus aren't necessary. Look around and often there is a few varieties of pizza written on the wall somewhere.  If in doubt, just smile and say 'meat', 'cheese' or 'zataar' and the lovely bakery ladies will take delight in looking after you.

El-Zahraa Bakery is the last shop at the top of the hill in Belmore Street, Arncliffe. Watch out for the local cockatoos, they've got a bad zataar addiction and may come down and beg you for some when you eat your goodies outside.

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