20 July 2011

Winsure Barbecue Restaurant ~ Chinese - Chatswood

Devine crispy swine at Winsure Barbecue Restaurant, Chatswood.

Today we pick Winsure for lunch because it's the closest to where we parked and it's raining. It's your standard bbq joint with ducks in the window and a whole side of roast pig with the biggest single piece of crackling ever. It's very popular, we're given the dunce seat hidden around the back corner as it was almost full when we arrive.

Crispy skin roast pork on rice - about $9. We've have pork on rice a zillion times but never one quite like this: the skin is crisp and crunchy, more delicate that crackling, sensational. Nice big hunks of pork flesh. Devine swine indeed. A little more sauce on the rice would have really been perfect, so we dollop a few spoonfuls of soup broth on it for some flavour.

Beef brisket noodle soup - about $9. Slow cooked hunks of beef in egg noodles. Yummo. There's a hint of star anise in the meat, and the broth is not too artificial yellow.

There's all the standard roast duck, BBQ pork, salted chicken you could want, with lots of noodle dishes and stir fries to choose from. The takeaway BBQ menu is quite extensive, with chicken feet in black bean sauce, sausages and other tasty treats to choose from.

Winsure Barbeque Restaurant is at 302 Victoria St, opposite the Victoria Centre.

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