26 July 2011

Lucky Thai Sweets ~ Campbell Street Haymarket

Thai sweets, fresh condiments and amazing pre-prepared meals sourced from all over Sydney at Lucky Thai Sweets and Video in Thainatown\Haymarket.

After a quick fix of $4 boat noodle soup at ChonSiam we waddle a couple of doors down Campbell Street to Lucky Thai Sweets and Video. As the name suggests, Lucky Thai Sweets is Thai tooth decay heaven. There's imported packaged goodies plus freshly made sweeties. From the counter we scoffed a couple of those little green pandan and coconut patties. In the little white baggies are roasted sweet potato, one of our favourite Thai street food snacks.

We  also scoffed some khanom buang but we forgot to take photos. Instead, here's a youtube clip of a street vendor making them in Bangkok.

But sweets aren't the only drawcard here. There's an amazing range of fresh pre-prepared Thai meals and condiments, this is Thai food made for Thai folks. The selection is diverse, from fiery chili pastes, soups, pickled vegetables, servings of curries and rice, or vegetables and noodles, to fully prepared meals.

All the goodies are labelled with ingredients and use-by dates, you get a fair idea of what you're in for. We scan the labels and notice these dishes are sourced from Thai restaurants and wholesalers all over Sydney, everywhere from Central to Taylor Square to Cabramatta, even the South Coast.

These takeaways make a great alternative to cooking a Thai meal from scratch or lining up at Chat Thai. We took home a couple of dishes, cooked up some jasmine rice and made a quick quick som tum inspired salad from the fresh green mangoes and dried shrimp bought from Lucky Thai Groceries next door.

This chili catfish ($8.00) is made by one of our favourite eating holes, Savann in Cabramatta. This dish is quite fishy and reminds us very much of many dishes we have had on the side of the road all over Southeast Asia. This made two stuck-at-home travel nerds very happy. The flavours are strong so we got a couple of meals out of this one.

We're ecstatic to find another old travelling favourite, stewed pork and boiled eggs in a sweet soy sauce ($8.00). We've had this dish in Thailand and Vietnam and have had trouble finding it back in Sydney. This isn't the best version we've had but we're still happy.

For sweeties we have black sticky rice and white rice with Thai custard. A favourite. $3 each.

Lucky Thai Sweets is at 50/40 Campbell St Haymarket. Ph: 02 9212 4842. The same folks also run Lucky Thai groceries next door. If you walk in and can't find the sweeties you may be in the wrong shop :-)

Tip: Most of the sweets are sold by the container, if you prefer to try the sweets piece by piece then head around to Thanon Khao San on Pitt Street where they sell them individually.

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  1. The Thai custard looks delightful. Those meals beat a frozen microwave meal any day!

  2. I don't like the frozen meals either. They always give me frostbite of the tongue and mouth when I try to eat them.


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