10 July 2011

Jimmy's Recipe ~ Malaysian ~ Galleries Victoria, City

It's our third dose of Malaysian this week, firstly Penang Cuisine at Epping, then To's Malaysian Gourmet in North Sydney, then we find the popular city lunchtime haunt Jimmy's Recipe is open on a Sunday. As H.G. Nelson would say, too much is barely enough.

The more we eat Malaysian, the more we appreciate it. For a while we seemed hung up on finding the prawniest har mee,  the fluffiest roti or the chicken rice just like the mind-blower we had in the Golden Mile Food Centre in Singapore so many years ago. Finally we have learnt not to judge, not to compare, but just to enjoy what each joint has to offer. Which is especially easy at Jimmy's Recipe, the food is very easy to like. Plus it arrives super fast, and it's super cheap. And those sambals, oh my god...

Ipoh Hor Fun $7.80 - rice noodles, prawns, chicken and the most wonderful, clear prawn broth. At first sip the soup tastes like a plain Chinese broth, then as it goes down it has a lovely, prawnie kick. It's like har-mee-lite. A new favourite.

Nasi lemak - $8.80. The lamb curry is so tender it falls apart on command, the rice has a solid coconut kick without being stodgey, and the ikan bilis (peanuts and dried anchovies) is hidden under the googie egg. The stars of the show however are the three very different sambals, amazing, complex tastes and not overly hot. Yay. One of the sambals has a sweet curry and chilli flavour with tiny pieces of vegetable, another is a dark coconut based reduction.

Hainanese chicken rice - $8.80 - a winner. Choice of breast or drumstick, we go the chook leg. The chili has a clean kick, the ginger shallots side always a winner.

Jimmy's Recipe Main Menu.

Jimmy's Recipe Lunch Specials.

Jimmy's Recipe is in the Galleries Victoria, 500 George Street, also accessible off Pitt Street, use entrance next to the Arthouse Hotel, have a schmiddy while you're at it.

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  1. This is freaky deaks but I work in TGV and we go here A LOT..for ages all I ate was the laksa. Now my fave is the wonton noodle soup..but I think next time I'll definitely be going for the Ipoh Hor Fun!!! Thanks for reviewing this, it just confirms my own love for Jimmy's. It's a great lunch-break place because it's packed with seating, you get your food straight up and it's deeelicious. Thanks guys. P.S. Great, it's 1.30 AM and now I'm all hungry.

  2. Mmmm, the Ipoh hor fun looks great on a winter's day. Must try next time I pass it.

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  4. Yes, the blue plates are probably a little bit of a downside, but they're not that bad - I like my Nasi lemak on one plate so it kind of mixes in together a bit. I trained Shawn to have table manners, he's such a good boy.

    Also, this place closes early on weekends - around 2.00, so get in for lunch early.

  5. wowz.. there are so much malysian food there...
    im proud of it.. (hey! im malaysian!)


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