09 July 2011

To's Malaysian Gourmet ~ North Sydney

To's is a long running lunch bar serving Malaysian street food classics to North Sydney office workers for as long as we can remember. We're chuffed to find it open on Saturday.

[Updated March 2015]

On Saturday afternoon North Sydney is a ghost town. But To's is buzzing. As busy as they are, the  lovely uncle behind the counter finds time to crack jokes and serve us like we were his first customers ever.  The ordering system here is controlled chaos, this place must be a complete scrum during office lunch time, but sitting outside on a sunny Saturday winter afternoon, we're in heaven.

Loh bah - minced pork fried in beancurd skin - $2.80. This is a new favourite, we first tried it earlier in the week at Penang Cuisine in Epping.

Hainan Chicken Rice - $8.20. Choose breast or thigh (go thigh, it's much juicier!) and chili sauce is optional.

Har mee - prawn noodle soup - $8.90. Love the pink bowl and chopsticks. Special har mee sambal is provided help-yourself at the counter. The sambal here is excellent.

The ho fun with curry chicken on top looks like a winner, we'll be back for that.

[Back again March 2015...]

We are back wandering North Sydney late on a Saturday afternoon yet again, and To's is the only place open for a decent meal. Alison has the har mee, a few years later and the broth is as good as ever. There's a little less pork and no pink bowl, but still a happy bowl of soup.

Shawn tried the Char Ho Fun, a dark brown gravy coating wok fried noodles and plenty of greens. The noodles are a mix of fat and skinny, and the meat is a mix of fish cake, pork and fried egg. There's a depth to the gravy from the char of the wok, good slurping to be had.

To's Malaysian Gourmet is at 181 Miller St, North Sydney. Phone 02 9955 2088.

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  1. Dear Street Food, I used to like this place (especially because they have outdoor seating too) until I discover May's Laksa House at Berry Square food court. Although I like To's sambal, I find May's laksa is a bit tastier and the Har Mee is spicier.

  2. Thanks for the tip - I had the feeling the Berry food court might be worth a look - next time :-)

  3. the penang hor fun here is a favourite of mine.

  4. Try the Assam Laksa on Saturday, simply yummy


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