23 July 2011

Eastern Experience ~ Chinese - Market City Food Court - Chinatown

The missus deserves a swish night on the town, "no hobo basement Dixon House Food Court tonight, put your gladrags on darl, tonight we eat fancy!"
[Last updated March 2013]

Does it get any posher than Market City? It's so clean, white and spacious. The glitz and glamour almost hurts our eyes.

Market City Food Court is so fancy they even have computer printed dockets!

Nothing conjures up romance more than an exotic Eastern Experience. The bainmaire of love is only $7.50 per plate, it's a huge plate of love too, but tonight we eat a la carte.

Taiwanese Stewed Pork - $9.00. Two slabs of fatty pork belly and a healthy dose of Chinese veggies under a delicious dollop of thick, rich gravy. The food of love. A massive serving.

Shandong Chicken - $10.00 - an  extra special top shelf menu item. Chef takes a good 10 or 15 minutes to make this one, 15 minutes is a lot of lovin'.

The chook is twice cooked: boiled then fried so it's moist in the middle and the skin is light and crispy. It is topped with fresh chopped goodies (garlic, shallots and coriander we think), then drizzled with black vinegar. Oh my god.

Back again March 2013...

Eastern Experience does a great 'economy rice' - three choices on rice for $8.30. It's a big serve and there's great Taiwanese and Chinese dishes. It's great food, very popular. Mr Shawn goes for the classic Taiwanese dish of three cup chicken, a simple seafood stir fry and the homely classic of tomato and egg.

Market City Food Court is on the top floor of Market City Shopping Centre, above Paddy's Markets, Chinatown.

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