08 July 2011

PK Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

It's our mission to eat at every stall in the Chinatown food courts, no matter how long it takes. Tonight we give PK Thai in Dixon House Food Court a whirl.

Why do we bother writing a food blog? Heck, we don't know. There's no money in it. We don't do it to meet people (we're hermits). We don't even get a free meal out of it (by choice).  But this time consuming endeavour inspires us to get out and try every hole-in-the-wall joint we can find, including every food court stall in Chinatown. Which brings us to PK Thai in Dixon House Food Court.  It's bog standard Aussie Thai food, easy on the spices, no different to the thirty or so Thai joints in walking distance from home, yawn... But we must try it. And we're glad we did, it's not exciting but there's a time and place for everything, and tonight PK Thai was just right (ten points to the super nice lady!)

Hor Mok Talay - $10.90 - steamed curry mousse with seafood, eggs, coconut cream and herbs. This is our pick of the menu. We've had this gem of a dish once before at Home, this version may be less 'authentic' (how we hate that word), but it comes with plenty more seafood. And it looks all fancypants in foil, excellent for food court street cred.

Same dish but naked, don't look.

Tom Khai Gai - $8.50 - chicken with coconut milk, mushrooms, Thai herbs & chilli. Mild, sweet and thick with coconut milk.

Red Duck Curry - $9.50 - roasted duck with vegetables, basil leaves and hot chili.


  1. "Wrigley's P.K. Thai" isn't that some sort of chewing gum?

    Perhaps the food is that chewy?

  2. I'm glad someone is trying the food court eateries in Chinatown! Dixon House was a fave many many moons ago but I haven't eaten there lately. Your posts won't change my mind anytime soon but it's good to know what's there without actually venturing down! LOL. And I guess it's ok for a Thai place to be called "PK" because no way would a Chinese place call itself that! LOL

  3. I think that this place has reopened? Or at least there's another Thai joint in the same spot now?

    1. Yah it's a new joint in it's place, hoping to try it this week...


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