08 July 2011

Penang Cuisine ~ Malaysian - Epping

Evil genius Davatronix and his almost as evil accomplice, Miss Von Trapp, stumble upon Penang Cuisine, a nifty little Malaysian joint hidden away in a basement off Beecroft Road in Epping.  Because that's what evil geniuses do in their spare time.

Penang Cuisine is a friendly, family-run little Malaysian restaurant. In the kitchen is the most wonderful auntie in a bright floral shirt and glamourpuss hairdo, cooking up mostly hawker style Malaysian dishes, plus a few Cantonese crowd pleasers. While mum serves out front her two impossibly cute kiddies buzz around, stopping to say hello now and again, disappearing long before outstaying their welcome. It's a place run by women. It's a nice place to be.

There's plenty of happy customers who we guess are mostly Chinese Malaysian. One of whom ate the most food we have ever seen a skinny little fella eat. And then there's us in the corner, grinning like idiots, stuffed to the eyeballs, or at least to the boobs, moaning that we could never, ever, possibly eat another thing, until somebody suggests dessert...

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry - $9.90. Nice auntie-made roti, though the curry is the star of the show.

Lobak - $5.40 - 'Minced pork with vegetable blended with subtle five spice seasoning wrapped in crispy beancurd skin'.

Penang Fried Kway Teoa - $11.90. Hot and smoky from autie's wok.

Assam Seafood - $17.90 - 'king prawns simmered in a spicy tamarind flavour sauce'. Sweet and tangy with heaps of prawnies.

The beautiful goo from the assam prawns.

Har Mee - Penang Prawn Noodles - $12.90. Has that nice prawn-heady flavour we love, thumbs up.

Belechan French Beans - $10.90. Kankgong today finish, but green beens almost as good.

Penang Cuisine Special Fried Ice-Cream - $5.50. The menu says - 'It's so beautiful that no one can resist it.' They were right, we couldn't resist, this caused collective moans of joy.

Ice Kacang - $4.50 - 'shaved ice with red beans, creamed corn, grass jelly & atachee, flavoured with rose syrup and Carnation milk' Yum.

Penang Cuisine Menu...

Penang Cuisine Menu...

Penang Cuisine Menu...

Penang Cuisine Menu...

Penang Cuisine is at 32/74-76 Rawson Street Epping, at the basement of the UG Genesis Commercial Building, enter via Beecroft Road. Phone 8095 0788.

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  1. OMG, fried ice cream at Epping! I can't wait to come here! Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for the tip guys! Just left the restaurant and there's barely any room left in my belly! For dessert, we had pulut hitam! Just how I remembered it! Had to have seconds! ^^


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