29 July 2011

Asian Style Cuisine ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

A five star feed for under $20 at one of our very favourite Chinatown food stalls, Asian Style Cuisine in Dixon House Food Court. [CLOSED - MAY 2012]

We were sad to see Asian Style Cuisine remove their wonderful bainmarie of Malaysian goodies. It was excellent food, a style of Malaysian food rarely found in Sydney, it reminded us of those amazing "help yourself to three dishes on rice" joints we have found around bus stations in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu. While the bainmarie food was great it must not have sold well, we guess it looked unfamiliar to a lot of folks and frightened them off. And now the bainmarie of love has gone forever... The menu is now pretty much all Chinese. While we miss the Malaysian stuff this food stall is still one of our all-time favourites. The place seems busier these days, we guess they know what they are doing. See our other post Asia Style Cuisine here.

#35A Tung-Po Meat - $9. We take a blind punt on this dish, it's sensational. Lovely fatty pork belly perfectly balanced by the mixture of fresh and pickled Chinese veggies underneath. The sauce is dark and thin with mild soy and vinegar flavours.

12A - Roasted Squid in Hot Chili Sauce - $9 another blind punt that romps it in. The squid has the colour and taste of char sui\bbq pork, and is lightly crusted on top with salt. It's a salty dish, and there's not much chili involved, but dang it works, it goes really well with the pork.

Each dish came with a generous bowl of rice and a seaweed soup that reminded us of Korean. Both dishes were of restaurant quality, we would could imagine this dishes selling for $25 at Golden Century or East Ocean. We felt almost guilty only paying $9 for them. We keep telling ya folks, hunt around these food courts and you can find amazing, restaurant quality food for very little money.


We were curious to know what "brown sauce" is, we've seen it around a fair bit, so we order Pork ribs in brown sauce - $9.  The sauce is like sweet'n'sour, only darker and not as sweet. Yum.

For desert we try sugar cane juice and honeysuckle tea at de juice, around $3 per cup.

A smiley sugar cane lady. Extra smiley because she doesn't have to hand crank the sugarcane press as they do on the side of the road across Southeast Asia.

With de juice photographed we were just about to say we've documented every stall in Dixon House, then we notice the weird but wonderful Alex Kitchen has closed and a new ramen joint has opened in it's place. We'll be on to that one shortly...


  1. Re. "#35A Tung-Po Meat - $9"
    Fantastic !!!
    I visited "Asian Style Cuisine" this evening.
    Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom. Loved it!!!

    Then visited "smiley sugar cane lady". She really is so nice. I had a large sugar cane juice - yummo!!!

    Thanks for the recommendation Street Food.

    Afterwards I went to the Sussex Food Court for more eating. We Canberrans live in constant denial regarding good Asian food. Something like the hungry ghosts in the Buddhist philosophy. So I'm trying to catch up.

  2. Another stall closed in Dixon House...went down there on the weekend, there's 4 vacant stalls down there now, it's looking quite abandoned down there now :(

    1. Yes it's sad, it must be a dang tough business, long long days and slim slim margins.


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