19 July 2011

Phnom PenhTeo Chew Noodle House ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court

Our quest to document every food court stall in Chinatown brings us to Phnom Penh Teo Chew Noodle House. In our eyes it has the least exciting menu in Dixon House, but over a couple visits we noticed a lot of Chinese folks getting into it, so what the heck do we know?


The more we visit the more we fall in love with this place. The folks who run the joint are lovely. The menu isn't fancy but there's a superb cook in there.

Phnom Penh Noodle Soup - about $7 - a clear, pleasant, Chinese broth with egg noodles and bits of many critters including offal and blood cubes. Google tells us that there's many different versions of this soup, the common thread seems to be rice noodles, a clear broth and a variety of meats. While it is Chinese\Khmer in origin it also seems popular in Vietnam. You can also have this 'dry', with the noodles and bits in one bowl and the soup broth in another.

Wonton and fishball noodle soup - about $7.

Alison was impressed with the large array of help-yourself sauces on offer.

Salted fish fried rice - about $8. Rustic with lovely smoky wok and salty fishy flavours. Some joints skimp on the salty fish, not here. We loved this.

Prawn chow mein - about $8. Ordered in honour of Shawn's dad who loves his chow mein. We enjoyed this much more than we expected, particularly the perfectly cooked chopped Chinese green stems, and the generous handful of prawnies. The egg noodles prove a nice change to rice.


Sesame chicken on rice - $7.50. Chicken slithers in a crunchy fried batter with a sweet sauce, it's like honey chicken but not as sweet. The greens are a nice counter to the fried chicken. This is really well cooked and excellent value, awesome.

Tomato beef on rice - $7.50. Plain but homely and comforting on a cold rainy night. The thick strips of beef are very tender and the tomato is fresh and in generous hunks. Very happy.

Spicy pork chop in bbq sauce - $9.50. Calorific and magnificent. Pork chop cut into strips, battered, deep fried and covered in a sauce that is sweet with an interesting "hmm, what's that flavour" to it. It's a large serve and perfectly cooked. Junk food supreme.

Beancurd and vegetable with rice - $7.00. A generous plate of veggies with tofu puffs stir fried with a little soy and oil. It's not art but it's good, simple, healthy food and it's amazing value.


We keep on coming back to this place again and again, it's cheap and it's good. It's become a bit of a favourite.

Chicken gow gee noodle soup - $8. A good simple Chinese broth with perfectly cooked egg noodles and the wontons had a wonderful springy bite to them too. So simple yet so good.

Spring rolls! Crunch.

We have a few readers say Phnom Penh Teo Chew Noodle House is their favourite spot for a laksa. It's rich, sweet and coconut-y, laksa fans should give it a whirl. Seafood laksa is about $10.

Veggie laksa is $8.50 or thereabouts.


  1. The Seafood Laksa here is better than any I have had anywhere is S.E Asia. I've been going here for almost 20 years and it is always the same... sensational.

    1. Sounds like we'll have to give it a whirl. Not always a laksa fan but happy to be converted.

  2. Are there any new stalls opened in that place or is it still half empty like it was when I visited Sydney a few months back?

    1. Sadly it's still half empty. On the plus side, the dumpling\drink joint has expanded it's menu with some pretty interesting stuff.

  3. Firstly, I love this blog/site; so informative!

    Have you tried the curry beef noodle soup here before? It very tasty indeed (and only $6.50 if memory serves me correct); rather unique too - its really hard to put your finger on what exactly is used to flavor the broth, but I am almost certain star anise plays a major roll in flavoring it.

    1. I'll give that a try - I'm a bit in love with this place at the moment.

  4. Today, i eating the beef black beans and rice from this shop, very yummy foods i reccomend to try

  5. I went there about 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday and was sad to see they were not open that day. I hope they are still there as I love the shop and even travel from Newcastle looking forward to it.

    1. We've noticed they close on some of the quieter days. It always makes our heart skip when we see it, and wonder if it has gone for good. Getting very empty down there, we wouldn't be surprised.


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