31 July 2011

Kisaragi Ramen ~ Japanese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Japanese ramen fans should definitely try Kisaragi Ramen in Dixon House Food Court, it tastes like Japan and it's super cheap. [CLOSED - FEBRUARY 2012]

For years we were obsessed with finding the best ramen in town, chasing a particular flavour we encountered some years ago on our first trip to Japan. We tried almost every ramen joint in Sydney but we couldn't find a ramen that tasted 100% like what we remembered from Japan. So we went back to Japan. And back in Japan we couldn't find a ramen that was 100% like the ramen we remembered from Japan. Even when we went back to the exact same ramen bars in Japan, and had the exact same ramen we'd eaten before, it didn't seem the same.

So after years of eating ramen we realised we know bugger all. But we do know that one slurp of Kisagari's ramen instantly transported us from the Dixon House Food Court back to Japan. And that hasn't happened for quite a while. This is the best ramen we've had in ages. If only it had a soft boiled googie...

You never know how long these joints are going be around, so if you're into ramen we recommend getting down there and giving it a try. It's only $8.80 a bowl, what else do you need to know?

Miso ramen - $8.80. Salty broth, excellent noodles, melt-in-your mouth pork.

Tonkotsu ramen - $8.80. Thick and rich with collagen but not overly so, chest beating Gumshara addicts may like it more hardcore but we like it this way, so do our arteries.

Good luck flowers for the opening of the stall - how nice!

Alison reckons Kisaragi's ramen reminded her of this particular ramen joint in Osaka. She also believes that Elvis is still alive.


  1. I can't believe I only just discovered your blog! I love it!

    Just read through a lot of your posts and it reminded me of some great places around haymarket that I haven't visited in a while and must visit again soon.

    This ramen place looks like it's worth a try too! :)

  2. This looks GREAT, and less Angelina Jollie lips than Gumshara...

  3. oh wow - this place looks great! will definitely check it out.

  4. Ooooh i am sooo happy. Will definitely check this out since I love Ramen to death. Singapore is currently hosting a Ramen Challenge...where 6 famous ramen stalls from Japan is all under one roof. The winner will be then developing a full fledge ramen restaurant there. Quite amazing to have 6 ramen from different regions and different taste all within hands reach...too bad i could eat all 6 at a go!

    Back in Sydney now and fortunately havent started missing my Singapore food yet.
    Btw I got the food books for you guys. Let me know how i can send them to you. =) It will definitely guide you in your trip there next year. Let the tummy lead the way!!!

  5. Hi Eve - lovely to hear you are back. Would love to see that Ramen Challenge!

    Thanks so much for the book, it is really appreciated. We ate at Singapore Shiok last night and can't wait to get back to Singapore again.

    Contact us through our email link...

  6. Got to that milestone of trying all the vendors at the Dixon Food Court.

    Have we run out of steam?

    We want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more !!!!!!!!

  7. We've just started at Eating World...

  8. Eating World, Eating World, Eating World.....Oi, Oi, Oi !!!

    More, more, we want more!!!

    Keep up the great work with your food blog.

  9. Hey Alison. Ok. Emailed you guys already. Hope I got the right email. Tried this the other night. Not too bad. Maybe I should try the Tonkotsu Ramen...the one I tried was just ok...broth not strong enough

  10. Just tried this tonight. So tasty.

    I'm so, so happy to have found your blog.

  11. Yay - we had ramen elsewhere tonight and it was nowhere near as good as Kisaragi :-)

  12. $8.80 a bowl? So going to have lunch there next week. Such a good price for ramen.

  13. Really tasty, i love that soup(Tonkutsu?)
    Price is cheap, taste good. Must try!!!
    Highly recommend.

  14. I love this blog and now I love Kisaragi Tonkatsu :-)

    Today, after lunch at Menya I waited around in the city until I was ready for my visit to Kisaragi, wow. It was worth the wait. Lucky I got the Tonkatsu with extra char-siu.

    Thank you for your blogs keep it up and have a nice edible trip to Japan!

    They have closed? I made plans to go tomorrow.....><.....
    Please tell me they just moved and not closed down.....

    1. No idea where they went, sad to see them go and not the other Japanese place next door.


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