26 June 2016

Supermarkets of Mystery - Super Bubur ~ Indonesian

While Super Bubur could be the name of an Indonesian super hero, we prefer to think of it as a super snack. Could it rival Indo Mie as the emergency lunch of choice?

22 June 2016

Oden House ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown Fringe

Oden House has changed quite a bit since we last did a post on it. They've ditched oden from the menu but kept the name, now they focus on Taiwanese streetwise classics - bentos, soups, breakfast and of course a bit of fried chicken.

20 June 2016

Dosa Hub ~ Indian - Five Dock

If you're over Five Dock way, look out for the smiling lentil pancake guiding you toward some fine Indian food.

10 June 2016

Ky-oto ~ Japanese - Spice Alley, Broadway

One of the latest additions to the Spice Alley row, Ky-oto is ladling out bowls of ramen and flipping Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes.

08 June 2016

Chiang Mai Street Food Fest ~ Thailand

Chiang Mai has been swallowed whole by tourism but good street food is still around if you sniff about.

05 June 2016

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Stringy Cheese - Turkish

Our latest cheese addiction is stringy cheese, a popular curd cheese found in Turkish, Syrian, Armenian and related cuisines.

26 May 2016

13 May 2016

BBQ 2Nite ~ Traditional Pakistani Barbecue - Newtown

As we are inner city wankers we often fall under the belief that we need to travel to the outer suburbs of Sydney to get good food. But what happens when something great, something we would brave the public transport system for, opens right up the road from us? We rejoice.

10 May 2016

Face2Face ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown

We're heading off to Chongqing later in the year so it's great to warm up on some of it's famously fiery cuisine at Face2Face Chongqing Spicy Noodles in Dixon House Foodcourt.

03 May 2016

Podomoro Indonesian Restaurant ~ Chinatown, Sydney

We've never quite recovered from the closure of  Chinatown's Cafe Joy. It left a gaping Indonesia shaped hole in our hearts. Podomoro to the rescue - around the corner and a couple of years later - it's every bit of the Kingsford-in-Chinatown resto we were hoping for.

21 April 2016

News: Dixon House Food Court features in ABC chat show

Great footage of our much loved Dixon House Food Court where Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb choose a lunchtime venue for their chat show.

20 April 2016

Kapamilya ~ Filipino - Rockdale

We stumble upon a super duper friendly little Filipino resto/grocer/catering store in Rockdale.

12 April 2016

07 April 2016

Nasi Uduk Jakarta - Indonesian, Kingsford

As the restaurant strip in Kingsford gets busier, the rents go up and the chain stores  move in, we're ecstatic to see a new old-school Indonesian hole-in-the-wall resto open.

05 April 2016

Biryani House ~ Hyderabadi Indian \ Bangladeshi - Lakemba

Some time ago we stopped outside Biryani House in Lakemba to check out the menu and a super lovely lady pops her head out the door and welcomes us in. We'd already eaten that day but we promised the super nice lady that we'd come back one day to try her restaurant.

10 March 2016

Allfine Chinese Cuisine House ~ Glebe \ Forest Lodge

In the back streets of Forest Lodge hides a Chinese resto with the flavours of Sichuan, Hunan and Hong Kong.

08 March 2016

Canberra Multicultural Festival 2016

We travelled around the food world in a couple of days at the Canberra Multicultural Festival. Pack your extra stomach.

05 March 2016

Lyon, France ~ Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, Restaurant Le Saint Vincent and saucisson en brioche

With only a couple of days in Lyon we barely scraped the surface of what the food capital of France has to offer. But we gave it a good cracking go.

03 March 2016

Bombay Street Kitchen ~ Indian - Glebe

Frankies, pav and puri. Expand your Indian street food vocab at Bombay Street Kitchen in Glebe.

01 March 2016

Ryo's Noodles ~ Japanese - Bondi Junction

Ryo's opens up in Bondi Junction, transporting their magical style of ramen and tonkatsu sandwiches with them.

27 February 2016

B-Kyu Cooks ~ Khao Ka Moo ~ Thai stewed pork leg

Long slow cooking and a cheap cut of meat is a magic mix. This recipe for the Thai street food favourite Khao Ka Moo makes the most of stewed pork hock, soy, eggs and spices and the result is a little bit magic.

26 February 2016

Choo Choo Train ~ Chinese Noodle Bar - Ashfield

 Choo Choo Train in Ashfield is a finger thin store dishing out take away pots of cold noodles and hot bowls filled with wonderful, secret balls, knots and noodle goodness.

23 February 2016

Takkam Cafe ~ Filipino - Bondi Junction

A random glance inside a cafe window reveals Pinoy delights hiding in plain sight in the heart of Bondi Junction.

20 February 2016

Da Lat Goulburn Bakery - Banh Mi in the country

Banh mi goes a little bit country,  a little bit rock n (pork) roll. Da Lat Bakery in Goulburn gives up it's fine sandwich secrets for road travellers who want to venture off the freeway.

16 February 2016

Valentines Romance at the Erko Bowlo Chinese Bistro

Money can't buy love. But $9.50 buys you a gutfull of Valentine's Day Romance at the Alexandria Erskineville Bowling Club Chinese Bistro.

11 February 2016

News: Openings around Sydney ~ Dixon House, Korean, Sri Lankan, Persian and Indian

A bit of an update on new openings we've spied around Sydney. It's only the start of the year and so many new places to try.