26 January 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Couldn't you go a Chiko Roll?

Get on your dragsters and head to the supermarket cause the one and only Chiko Roll is ready and waiting to be plunged into hot oil and scoffed in the privacy of your own home.

20 January 2015

Paris ~ West African, Moroccan and Jewish Tunisian Food

Of all things it was African food we looked forward to most on our month long stay in Paris in late 2014, in particular restaurants catering to African migrants, a rarity back home in Australia. We found some great West and North African restos, but not nearly as many as we hoped.

15 January 2015

Koban ~ Korean takeaway banchan - Town Hall / Sydney CBD

So you're drudging home from work wondering what to have for dinner. Hmmmm, Korean, anyone? "Oh but I want all the banchan too!" I hear you cry. Well, now you can have your chilli radish and your bulgogi for dinner too at Koban in the CBD.

13 January 2015

Noumea ~ A Week of Lunches, Horse Races and Death by Raclette

We headed back to Noumea in July for a mid-winter break. We get a little more upmarket than on our last trip, just a little. We bust our bellies eating French and New Caledonian food, with a spot of gee-gee racing in between.

11 January 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Japanese cook in a mug cake

Need cake? No time? How about some Japanese cook in a cup cake in two minutes. We try out three flavours of this quickie cakie fix.

08 January 2015

Obunmee ~ Vietnamese - Chinatown

Obunmee in Chinatown is the lunchtime place every city worker hopes is underneath their office block. With Vietnamese fresh salads, rice dishes and noodles or a quick banh mi filled with bbq pork or lemongrass beef, this small resto hits all our right spots.

06 January 2015

B-Kyu in Kuala Lumpur ~ Peters Pork Noodles, Fatt Kee Hokkein Mee, Imbi Markets and Hussain Bistro Curry House.

A quick stopover in KL on our way back from Penang to revisit a few favourites including Imbi Market and find some new ones among the air con walkways.

04 January 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ San Jin Watermelon Frost Toothpaste

Toothpaste almost counts as a food, doesn't it? It's probably the one thing besides food or drink we put in our mouth the most. So we decided to try out watermelon frost toothpaste with some surprising results.

23 December 2014

Gone but not Forgotten 2014 ~ our annual guide to the dearly departed

Each year we round up the B-Kyu places that have shut their doors. For those we loved thanks for the great food and those we missed out on visiting we are truly sad we never got there.

18 December 2014

16 December 2014

Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen ~ Chatswood

A Taiwanese beef noodle soup is a thing of beauty in our food universe and Bao Dao in Chatswood does a darn good one.

09 December 2014

Fuska House ~ Bangladeshi - Lakemba

There seems to be more Bangladeshi joints than Lebanese pizza places in Lakemba these days. Amongst the burgeoning biryani restos is Fuska House, a mix of street food snacks, curries and tandoori.

04 December 2014

B-Kyu November Wrap Up - Something Old, Something New

We've been getting around town eating at some new places and old favourites with no real focus, we've been a little whacked after coming back from a big trip. Here's a look at what's been floating the boat lately at B-Kyu world headquarters.

02 December 2014

Dae Jang Kum ~ Korean BBQ Restaurant - City\Chinatown Fringe

We take the focus on Korean food away from fried chicken and BBQ and explore some other dishes (and renew some favourites) at Dae Jang Kum on Goulburn St Sydney.

27 November 2014

Pork Roll Round Up ~ CBD - Queen Victoria Building to Wynyard Station

Our Sydney CBD round up extends from the Queen Victoria Building to Wynyard Station, munching our way down George Street and making all the pigeons happy in Martin Place with our trail of crumbs.

21 November 2014

18 November 2014

B-Kyu tour of Penang - Toon Leong Kopi, Toh Soon Cafe and the mighty International Hotel

Another day in Georgetown, starting with cafes in for fish ball soup, roti kaya and soft eggs, a walk through the fast renovating old town and the best nasi padang outside of Sumatra.

30 October 2014

22 October 2014

Willis Canteen ~ Indonesian - Ultimo

Whatchoo talkin bout Willis? As Indonesian food gets harder to find in Sydney, Willis Canteen replaces Rasa Immanuel and carries on cooking for the Indo food lovin' inner city types.

20 October 2014

B-Kyu Food Tour of Penang ~ Lamb soup, dosai, curry mee and Line Clear nasi kandar

Our trip to Penang was an auspicious occasion as it was 20 years since Shawn's first visit here, almost to the day. And Penang was the place that really sparked this food obsession.

17 October 2014

Taiwan Takeaways - what we brought back

On our recent trip to Taiwan we purloined a few little bits to bring back. Soaps, sweets and a strange christmas gift filled our bags on return.

Taiwan Street Food Tour ~ Let's Taipei Part 2

New Years Eve Taipei style, brought to you by Hello Kitty Lager.

14 October 2014

09 October 2014

Raohe Street Night Markets ~ Taipei, Taiwan

One of the more famous night markets in Taipei, Raohe Street is one long stretch of food and fashion. Not sure how to get there? Just ask the pussycats.

07 October 2014

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Frozen Natto - Japanese fermented soy beans

Natto has a reputation for stink and slime. It's well deserved, but the texture, smell and flavour are a winner if that's just what you love.